Why is Magento Platform Hot Favourite for eCommerce Development?


Magento is a robust and secure platform for operating an online store. Well-known brands like Samsung, Nike, Ford, Coca-Cola and others use the Magento platform to power their e-commerce stores. Nonetheless, medium and small businesses can also use the Magento platform. Magento has 4.50% of the overall e-commerce market share, making it the 4th largest e-commerce platform. At present, Magento is powering around 141,700+ websites.

Magento Offers Value

Magento offers users with excellent opportunities to grow their business the way they want it. Thus, online sellers can kick start their online store with basic e-commerce features and functionality, but as their business takes off, expands, they can make a switch to a more complex Magento version.

As Magento based on open-source, it facilitates you to incorporate any custom feature or module. You can choose from a variety of plug-ins and extensions that’s available on the Magento marketplace. Besides, if your business needs something special, then you can hire an expert Magento e-commerce developer to build the module from scratch as per your requirements.

Without a doubt, Magento is flexible, easy to use and loaded with impressive default features, making it a highly-preferred platform for running online e-commerce stores.

Let us glance at the reasons to know why Magento e-commerce platform is hot favourites among online businesses world over.

Open Source

Based on the open-source (free) platform, Magento built with PHP and other open-source tools. Open source tools make sure the store offers stable performance and improved security for developers and merchants alike. Magento is available with a free community edition along with a paid enterprise edition that’s feature-rich.

The Magento community edition is a free version. Anyone can install or use any version of Magento community edition free of cost. If you want to improve the functionalities of your store, you can develop or install Magento modules from the library of modules. The Magento e-commerce platform provides flexibility to customise, alter or diversify the source code for improved features.


Magento integrates HTML5 capabilities that make a seamless and smooth response of your store to all mobile gadgets. Today, online shopping is mainly on the smartphone and mobile devices, so you might not want to miss out on delivering a consistent experience across devices. As per the report, around 77% of smartphone users have made a purchase online using their mobile gadget in the last six months. Besides, Magento provides features like drag and drop, image scaling, griding, gesture control, AV capabilities, etc.

Effortless Integration

With the Magento e-commerce platform, 3rd-party integration is effortless using the simplest of methods. Magento offers unlimited free integration of 3rd-party elements, resulting in speedy development processes. If you want to integrate database applications, payment gateways, shipping or tracking extensions, then it is uncomplicated and agile to integrate it with the Magento store. Thus, Magento offers more opportunities to customise and develop the best online store possible. Besides, the Magento platform comes incorporated with Google Checkout, Google Base and Google Analytics.

Quick & Scalable

Are you looking for a store that has a fast loading page? Well, Magento is a perfect choice. The beauty of Magento is that it can support businesses of all sizes, from small and medium business to big and mighty enterprises. Magento is adaptable and can grow with your business. The scalability Magento provides makes it the best option among the various e-commerce platforms available on the market. Magento will never disappoint you, as it will continue to surprise you with its level of reliability and performance.


With this e-commerce platform, a Magento expert is provided with the flexibility to create distinctive user experiences. To achieve particular business needs, a Magento expert can also add customised back-end workflows. Magento allows you to take control of interfaces and capabilities of the major solutions in your e-commerce store.

Multiple Store Support

Magento puts the control in your hand to manage multiple stores flawlessly using a single back-end. That means you can handle everything, from inventory management to order-and-return management using a single admin panel. Moreover, you can assign a subdomain for individual stores and set up each store with different matching themes and templates. Control all the stores seamlessly through one admin panel.

SEO Friendliness

The platform comes integrated with “Magento SEO” to eliminate your concerns about the e-commerce website ranking on SERP [Search Engine Result Pages]. Magento platform offers support to the users concerning the different SEO elements like metadata, URL rewrite, sitemaps etc. to improve the website’s ranking on the SERP.

Final Words

Various features Magento offers to the merchants so that they can fulfil customer expectations. The additional features help to improve the store’s functionalities that place merchants ahead of the cutthroat competition.

If you have a Magento e-commerce website, then ensure to reap the maximum benefits out of this superb e-commerce platform. Besides, you can hire a Magento expert to keep your e-commerce site updated with all the features that you require to operate it smoothly.