Best Free PowerPoint Templates for 2020


Remember the school times when we all engulfed ourselves in making compelling presentations. Undoubtedly! Creating presentations was fun. Using vibrant color-schemes, implementing shadow-effects, adding images, and dragging text on the entire slide. What a great experience PowerPoint gave us in childhood. Who would have known, PowerPoint presentations would become a constant part of our professional lives. Even though there are hundreds of presentation tools in the market, PowerPoint remains the one. It is because of its advanced features that have become way better with time.

In this modernized era, everyone wants to add a little pinch of creativity to their presentation, and for that, PowerPoint templates are the best go-to presentation tool. The highlight of PowerPoint is that anyone can shape the presentation based on their needs. Most often, last-minute business presentations create havoc for entrepreneurs. In this situation, PowerPoint acts as a lifesaver. As it helps in creating a presentation in less than a minute which undoubtedly saves a lot of time. Working and experimenting with PowerPoint templates are fun especially when it comes free. Yes! Without rubbing your eyes in disbelief, start reading this useful blog post. Here, we will talk about Best Free PowerPoint Templates for 2020. 

Without any further delay, let’s get started!

Template 1:

This roadmap PowerPoint presentation template is everything you need in 2020. The fresh and professionally designed free PowerPoint template allows you to write your achievements and success stories, which later can be shared with your stakeholders. You can use this free roadmap PowerPoint template to share your career progression so far that it leaves your readers awestruck.

roadmap PowerPoint Templates

Template 2:

This attention-grabbing free PowerPoint template helps you in outlining your upcoming business goals and objectives. The pre-designed PowerPoint presentation template allows you to share your mission statement with viewers. 

free PowerPoint template

Template 3:

Jot down your innovative ideas and accomplish your upcoming business targets. By utilizing the free targets PowerPoint template, you will be able to keep a track of your business goals and objectives.

Template 4:

This free PowerPoint template will help you in getting connected with your audience throughout. In this free zigzag roadmap PowerPoint template, you can deliver a presentation on a topic that provides knowledge to your readers. You can modify the content and make it better by employing this free PowerPoint presentation template.

Template 5:

Take advantage of this visually-appealing free PowerPoint presentation template and explain to your employees the upcoming business goals and projects they need to accomplish. You can also showcase the achievements your team has accomplished over the years. The vibrant colors present in this PowerPoint template will surely make your presentation enticing one.

Template 6:

In this fast-paced world, keeping track of time is very important. Utilizing this free PowerPoint presentation template, write down your project deadline details and other important schedules. 

Template 7:

Identify risk in the projects at an early stage and increase your organizations’ productivity by incorporating our interesting free PowerPoint presentation template. Employ this eye-catching PowerPoint template and hold everyone’s attention towards your presentation.

Template 8:

The below-mentioned free PowerPoint presentation template is here to help you with all your queries. You can use this PowerPoint template to compare your business performance with the competitors. 

Template 9:

With this free PowerPoint template, you can highlight the hierarchy system of your business. Use this PowerPoint template and deliver a presentation to your new employees explaining the designation of every business professional. 

Template 10:

Incorporate a free PowerPoint template to create an astounding presentation showcasing the solutions to your business-related problems. Tweak the information in this PowerPoint template as per your convenience and bag new customers easily.

Template 11:

Utilize this PowerPoint template to note down the customers’ feedback or reviews on your product. With this, you can focus on which products need to be upgraded. The customer feedback PowerPoint presentation template will help you in improving your reputation in front of your customers.

Template 12:

This free PowerPoint template can do wonders for your business expansion. Create an attractive presentation and portray innovative business ideas that stun your investors in less than a minute. 

Template 13:

The SWOT analysis free PowerPoint template assists you in conceptualizing your business approaches. You can also concentrate on the businesses’ weaknesses and state the strengths to enhance their productivity. 

Template 14:

Employ this intuitively designed free PowerPoint presentation template to mention the strategies that your team can implement in growing the business. The high-grade icons and lucrative diagrams present in this free gears PowerPoint template can make your presentation more noticeable.

Template 15:

Grab this eye-catching PowerPoint template to display your business’s performance in an appealing manner. This presentation will help you analyze your KPIs efficiently. The free PowerPoint presentation template comes up with ample space where you can tailor the content as per your needs.

Template 16:

Explain step-by-step instructions on how to improve your business operations and tasks. Employ this free PowerPoint template to picture the strategies that skyrocket your organizations’ performance. 

Template 17:

The year 2020 is highly-competitive and the economy of every next business is getting down due to pandemic. In this situation, you can take the help of this free PowerPoint template and reach out to more investors for funding. Give your stakeholders a clear snapshot of your company background and lead toward success. 

Template 18:

List your projects’ priorities and share it with your employees by incorporating a free PowerPoint presentation template. With this, you can easily monitor the ongoing project. The free project management PowerPoint template consists of different colors and fonts which makes your presentation even more stylish. 

Template 19:

This free PowerPoint presentation template is best for you in creating your resume. Impress the recruiter and add relevant information about your career by utilizing the free PowerPoint template. Introduce yourself to the hiring manager and grab the desired job position without any extra efforts.

Template 20:

Communicate your business agendas with other staff members by using this free PowerPoint presentation template. You can deliver a full-fledged presentation and boost the morale of your employees with this free PowerPoint template.

The above free PowerPoint presentation templates are best and easy-to-use. Rock all your upcoming presentations and make the year 2020 a good one for your unstoppable growth.