Top 6 Digital Marketing Myths You Should Stop Believing

Digital Marketing

The digital marketing has been around for many years already. New trends were introduced and digital marketing has kept evolving since then. This poses a state of dilemma among businesses that are still confused and have false beliefs regarding digital marketing. They believed that online marketing is not their cup of tea and started losing the vast opportunities. This post is aimed towards uncovering or busting 6 common myths about digital marketing with a hope to give business owners a fresh insight into digital marketing to expose and expand their offerings.

Myth #1 Digital marketing is not an important aspect of the company’s marketing strategy

Some businesses consider digital marketing as  a ‘nice to have’ element that may or may not affect the company sales. They fail to realize that digital marketing is the door towards exposing their brand to wider audiences. On the contrary, digital marketing should be implemented as a full-fledged marketing strategy. As the amount of online shoppers is growing every day, it’s a great way to present your business or offerings to them.

Myth #2 Having a website is sufficient for digital marketing

This is a popular myth among many online businesses that simply putting up a website on the internet will start receiving flocks of customers on their website. That is, however, not true. In the ever-changing world of online marketing where people search for the latest information online, it is imperative to regularly update the content on your website. Businesses must adapt their website with the latest marketing trends in order to survive in the competitive market. If you don’t have adequate expertise to carry out such tasks, hire a digital marketing agency, and they will handle and manage  your website on your behalf.

Myth #3 SEO is dead

With the emergence of new trends and strategies, many are forced to believe that SEO is now dead. But, the truth is SEO is still alive and ruling the digital market. Still, most of internet users use search engines to look for the piece of information or their desired products or services. Thus, SEO remains one of the most important digital marketing strategies that can bring your prospects closer to your brand.

Myth #4 Any content is fine to post on the website

To get faster marketing results, many business owners try to produce massive contents with a hope to get more views and generate huge quantities of backlinks. This is not true anymore. Changes in search engine algorithms now focus on generating quality content, rather than in quantity. Search engines have become more conscious about delivering the best experience to its users, and therefore, they give more importance to quality than quantity.

Myth #5 Digital marketing is easy and free of cost

For many businesses, digital marketing seems like a piece of cake that can be executed overnight. Just set up the website and social media accounts for free and you are good to go to connect with your audience. However, digital marketing is not that easy. It requires a great amount of skill and knowledge to accomplish certain goals. And, it needs a budget to hire a digital marketing expert and buy certain tools to make your marketing strategies more effective and produce profitable results.

Myth #6 Digital marketing generates ROI right away

Many online businesses have that belief that digital marketing produces ROI right away. In fact, many of them are having a difficult time to measure their ROI. However, the return on investment from digital marketing is measurable. In the arena that is perpetually changing, realizing and measuring ROI  takes time. But, when it is payback time, make sure you have fine tuned your business for the long run that pays off your investment.


These are some popular myths that have been existing for a while. Digital marketing may be a slow process, but it is certainly the best way to attract and engage customers online.