Renting to Ownership: The new trend changing the dynamics of Hyderabad’s Realty Sector


Residential realty of India is changing with every passing day. It’s becoming more consumer-centric and friendly by offering an array of amenities to the buyers. Indian real estate industry is witnessing a major emphasis on improving the housing sector. Metropolitan cities have specifically transformed their realty projects contemplating the abundance of job opportunities and increasing population. Cities like Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai are the top preference of buyers these days. When it comes to independent houses for sale in Hyderabad, the real estate sector has seen a numberof changes which could be attributed to the increasing use of technology in the construction industry.

Recent trends show that the customers are becoming tech-savvy with the growing online market. Another major change has been a paradigmatic shift from renting to owning of apartments near Durham.. Although, purchasing a home instead of staying in rented homes is a new trending as numerous projects like Edifice, Paradise Homes, Sterling Heights and many more are preferred by the buyers due to affordability factor and modern amenities.

Owning a home is an important decision, considering the amount of resources involved. However, the realtorsoffering 3 BHK flats for sale in Hyderabad have made buying a house actually cheaper than renting in the long term if you invest your resources wisely. It has led to the changed status of renting, which has changed the dynamics of homeownership. The increasing number of potential buyers throughout the city have evolved the residential landlords into service providers.

Now the traditional landlords have also become property providers and are broadly developing on the small or large projects to cater to the increasing number of renters throughout the city. RERA registered projects by Modi Builders give monetary assurance and the concept of gated communities with 24×7 security surveillance offersa sense of physical safety for the loved ones.

This transition towards modernity plays a pivotal role in the realty sector. There are builders in Hyderabad who are working towards embracing this modernization.

To facilitate the infrastructure development by providing community and productivity-based amenities and services, Modi Builders is implementing changes that are groundbreaking for the real estate segment.