What’s the In Thing for Modern Kitchen Splashback?

Best Glass Splashbacks

Kitchen splashbacks have been hot favourites among the homeowners not just in Sydney and Australia but around the globe. The main reason for its popularity is because it provides multi-purpose utility to homeowners. Kitchen splashbacks are great for visual aspect and style; however, they also provide you with the below-mentioned essential features.

  • Functionality: It’s vital to choose a design that can tolerate the mess and disorder, severe temperatures and deterioration due to daily use. Protective qualities and zero maintenance make kitchen splashbacks a must-have feature in any hectic kitchen.
  • Hygiene: Kitchen splashbacks are designed in a way that’s easy to keep them clean, facilitating you to lift the hygiene standards of your kitchen with utmost comfort.
  • Protection: If you have small children who love to get involved in cooking chores or you’re a passionate cook or your kitchen use is very high, all of these cases demand protection to keep the disorder and mess to a bare minimum.

Modern Kitchen Splashbacks

Modern kitchen splashbacks are available in an array of materials, patterns and colour choices. They can effortlessly merge into space, and they can be bright and bold or light and cool or be distinctive with unique patterns. Modern kitchen splashbacks can make a bold statement or produce a smooth flow between the lower and upper cabinets. Upgrading your kitchen splashback is a fantastic way to refresh your kitchen on a budget. The latest fad for modern and contemporary kitchen splashbacks are outlined below.

Complex Patterns & Designs

Complex patterns and designs make big impressions in small and compact spaces. Consider subway tiles, staggered, herringbone etc. — how they succeeded in making a statement in the tiles’ layout.

Stainless Steel & Natural Materials

Stainless steel is a magnificent alternative that’s simple to clean and bestows a modern feel. Besides, natural materials can also be used as splashback — many are already familiar with the look and feel of copper in the kitchen; however, you’re not just restricted to copper and that you can also use different opalescent tiles and metallic silvers to make the desired modern kitchen splashback.

Natural materials are also a fantastic option for splashback — well-sealed wooden or the pure wood look or weather-beaten brick, all look classy. These days, you can get these natural material look with easy-to-use materials such as Laminate or Vinyl — as they are effortless to clean and maintain without the hassles associated with real brick or wood.

Use of Contrast Colour Combinations, Shades & Patterns

  • Well, you can use the contrast effect to your advantage to create a modern spin — for instance, you can upgrade your splashback with black subway tiles with white grout and maintain white kitchen cabinets.
  • Mirrored and glass splashbacks are ageless and are an excellent addition to any kitchen, traditional or modern.
  • Matte splashbacks are receiving huge popularity and is making a big wave without the audacity of their glossy splashback counterparts.
  • Soft-muted matte colours create curiosity when applied in the right way and are among the trendsetters.

Multi-toned, Bright & Bold

If you have big open kitchen space and want to divide the space into smaller defined spaces, then you can do it by creating a bold accent wall with splashback tiles, which will also give an impact. Besides, you can lend your kitchen a pop of colour with shiny, multi-toned tiles, which will look great in kitchens having cabinets with hushed, neutral-toned colours.

The Bottom Line

Do you want to create traditional or modern ambience in your kitchen? Well, you can achieve the desired look and feel by installing the right kitchen splashback.