Women’s Diamond Engagement Rings Orange CT


Diamond Designs is located in Orange, CT. It is the premier jewelry store for all of your diamond engagement ring needs. They will assist you through the entire process from picking out to sizing and especially finding that perfect diamond for the one you are going to spend the rest of your life with. They understand the situation and are experts at helping you find the right ring for that special someone. The staff is always willing to help and are experts in all stages of the process to make the decision easy for you. Right as you walk into Diamond Designs, you will see the atmosphere that is filled with passion and love for jewelry, as well as a welcoming feeling. Their passion is fueled by a desire to help the customer find exactly what they are looking for. The small business feel is the driving force of the store that makes sure the customer is always put first. Diamond Designs carries a variety of companies like Simon G., Ritani, Gabriel & Co., Artcarved, and Triton. There are options for every taste and diamonds of all sizes. They will make diamond engagement rings custom to whatever need you may have. Outside of engagement rings, Diamond Designs has many other jeweler options from watches to necklaces. But, when it comes to diamond engagement rings, Diamond Designs is the place for you to find the perfect ring.

Diamond Buyers

If you are in the Southern Connecticut area and are wanting to buy the best diamonds a jewelry store can offer, Diamond Designs is the place for you. Diamond Designs is located in Orange, Connecticut and specializes in making a unique and joyous experience through the art of customer service. They allow customers to come in with their perfect vision of a diamond and help them find exactly what they are looking for.. However, they take it from there! Diamond Designs employees and staff help draw together the most beautiful and amazing array of diamonds. Their customers are extremely satisfied with the results of their diamonds. They want to ensure the happiness of the customer. The entire staff at Diamond Designs wants to give their customers the best experience possible and want them to feel at home in the store. Given our fantastic customer service as well as giving customers the highest quality of diamonds, every happy person that enters the store will be given an incredibly magical experience. Diamond Designs make the process fun and enjoyable, making customers always wanting to come back for more! That is what this is all about.  Overall, Diamond Designs always gives the best designs to their customers, giving them the best possible experience as well as giving the customer what they want. Diamond Designs has a great service in the department of diamonds and is ready to help you!