Why Is It Important to Purchase the Right Camper Trailer?

Camping with Caravan

Well, it’s imperative to buy a quality camping trailercaravan or motorhome of the choicest and established brands, so you can enjoy your holidaying or adventure trips with your family or friends through the most beautiful Australian outback for many years to come!

The Requirements of Your Family

If you’re travelling with your spouse then you need very less space, so a compact camping trailer or caravan or smaller motorhome will work fine. But if you have two or three kids, then your requirement changes and you would require more space to accommodate the family of four or five. Accordingly, you’ll need to tow a bigger caravan that necessitates a bigger car or SUV to haul it, and the big car will also accommodate all family members.

At the holiday destination, a bigger camping trailer or caravan will be convenient, as it can be set-up to accommodate all the family members. Besides, it will have decent space for food preparation and cooking chores, dining space and sleeping area, as well as, toilet facility.

Decent space is vital to enjoying your long road trips! Walk to a dealer’s store near you and check the fully unfolded camper and caravan to know precisely how much space you’ll get for different activities mentioned above.

Where You Intend to Travel

Some people are adventure-seeking, and they love to explore the remotest areas that include mountain regions. Some others prefer to travel on highways and along the coast. Thus, when selecting a camper trailer or caravan, you also need to take into account your travel route and destinations. You’ll get an array of camper trailers and caravans from reliable manufacturers that’s ideal for on-road, off-road and rough road conditions.

Rough road campers will be an ideal choice for those who love adventure trips, as it provides you with more options to fulfil your adventure-filled escapades. Conversely, if you want the safe and smoother travel experience, then on-road trailers are best for you, which will smoothly cruise you through the highways and bitumen roads.

For those who want to take on the off-road escapades, hard floor and forward fold campers having reinforced shocks and the strong-suspension becomes indispensable. Investing in off-road camper trailers or caravans will cost you more than other styles, but they will be a lasting comrade for your longer trips, especially after your retirement.

The Right Towing Vehicle

It’s equally important, to pair the right vehicle to your trailer and ensure the technical aspects of the camper operates smoothly with your towing vehicle.

  • Look into your vehicle’s service manual and find out its towing capacity before you shortlist or finalise a camper trailer.
  • Make sure you keep the overall weight of the new camper trailer down by at least 200 kilograms from the maximum tow weight of your vehicle.
  • Remember, off-road trailers, particularly hard-floor camper are bulkier than the soft floor models. It can be riskier to select camper that surpasses the towing capacity of your tow vehicle when you want to drive it on a rough or mountainous track.
  • If you fail to select a camper trailer within the towing capacity of your vehicle, then you might find it hard in longer road trips.
  • Finally, make sure you also have the right towing equipment.

Set Up & Erecting Requirements

You need to take into account the mobility requirements of you and your fellow members and if you can erect this without the support of others. The assembly and erection, as well as, pulling down and packing the camper should be a trouble-free task that can change per your needs.

A hybrid or hard floor camper is hard to beat if you’re looking for mobility, assemblage and set up skills, as well as, time efficiency because they can be erected or dismantled in the shortest time, which is less than ten minutes.


Everyone will have a different definition concerning comfort; however, the essentials remain the same — you need to check out for appropriate ventilation and natural light inside the camper trailer because airflow, temperature and humidity play a key role in offering a comfortable space.

Some trailers offer extra features to provide you with a comfy living experience — whereby you can select refrigerator, portable hot water system, solar panels, extra batteries and more. However, additional features come at an added cost, but you might obtain these extra comforts for less if you purchase them along with the camper trailer of your choice.

Adequate Storage Space

Well, you can divide and arrange your storage space resourcefully to accommodate more accessories, tools and equipment by planning. When you understand what features you can do without, then you’ll have more space for the features you need.

When exploring Australia’s remotest areas, you need to plan for sufficient storage space for water, food and survival equipment because it can be a matter of life and death in rough environments, especially if emergencies arise.

Final Thoughts!

When it comes to buying a camping trailercaravan or motorhome for your adventure or holidaying trips, make sure you buy one that meets your entire family’s requirements. Besides, when choosing camping-trailer or caravan, make sure that you select one that can be easily towed by your existing tow vehicle.