8 Beautiful Modern Kitchen Design Concepts to Inspire You!

Modern Kitchen Design

Nowadays, kitchen designers and renovators adopt an intelligent formula for upgrading or renovating a kitchen. This formula is the integration of four essential features such as neat and minimalist, at the same time open and functional. When renovating a kitchen, you need take into account storage, working space, convenience, lighting and colour selection. That’s why it is imperative to plan everything in detail before starting a renovation project. Choose from any of the modern kitchen design concepts listed-out below and curtail your kitchen renovation stress.

1. Modern L-Shaped Kitchen Design

When it comes to kitchen layouts, the L-shape kitchen is highly preferred. You can modernise an L-shape kitchen by installing an engineered quartz benchtop along with a waterfall kitchen island. Renovate your under the benchtop cabinetry and if you want to add open shelves on the wall above the benchtop, then get it installed as well. When it comes to modern kitchen designs, wood provides appealing looks to your custom kitchen cabinets and open shelves. In case, you’re installing a white quartz benchtop, then go for white tiles or white glass splashback and also paint the remaining walls with white colour to enhance the look.

Modern L Shaped Kitchen
Modern L Shaped Kitchen

2. Modern Large U-Shaped Kitchen Design

Well, large U-shaped kitchens can fit many people, which will help you to get a roomy area instead of jam-packed space. These days, U-shaped kitchens are among the preferred kitchen layouts. Besides, U-shaped kitchen designs are visually appealing. Position your kitchen island in the centre to give the space shape of the letter “U”. Further, you can blend white and brown colour to give a lustrous and inviting atmosphere in the kitchen. Add a special effect to your kitchen space by installing a small chandelier right in the centre of the ceiling.

Modern U Shaped Kitchen

3. Modern Industrial Kitchen Design

Well, industrial products are one of the innovative materials used for modern kitchens. It looks elegant and can offer you modern ambience inside the kitchen. A stainless steel benchtop and splashback, as well as, wooden stools are the highlights in a modern industrial kitchen.

4. Open Shelving Kitchen Design

Without storage, any kitchen would be incomplete! Instead of using cabinetry that comes with closed doors, try open shelving, especially for wall cabinets located above the kitchen benchtop. Open-shelving storage will not only save the essential wall space standard cabinets consume, but are also more accessible and efficient, and emits a contemporary feel in the kitchen.

Well, you can install a clean and unprocessed wood for your shelves, which will provide a natural look. Moreover, you can visit some local kitchen showrooms near you to see prototype kitchens, which will help you to determine the type of design that will be right for your dream kitchen.

5. Modern Kitchen Design that Blends Beige, Dark & Light Wood Colours

Draw some inspiration from the single-wall light wood and beige flooring! Integrate a kitchen island and an under-mount sink. The beige and light-wood flooring offer a natural atmosphere inside the kitchen that provides you with the comfort you need. This kitchen look is complete with a combination of dark wood cabinets, beige flooring along with stone benchtop and stainless steel kitchen equipment.

6. Kitchen Design with Natural Wood

Modern kitchen design with a twisted scheme can offer you the full use of the whole kitchen, right from storing your kitchen equipment and appliances in the cabinet spaces to cooking your meals on the benchtop. When you use natural wood and dark grey colour, it gets resourceful and provides you with a comfy aura. Besides, you can install the pendant lights that raises the level for classiness. If you are among those people who love the classy atmosphere and an organised modern kitchen, then this kitchen design is for you.

7. Modest & Luminous Kitchen Design

Keep it modest and graceful. In general, homeowners prefer a spacious and luminous kitchen because it sets a spirited mood in the area. A white kitchen is one of the most graceful looking and preferred choices of modest kitchen design in Sydney that harmonise the look and feel of an all-white kitchen. You can add a kitchen appliance or stools with a different colour. Moreover, homeowners love to work in a kitchen that has a pleasing ambience.

8. Hill Countryside Home Kitchen Design

A country kitchen design with modern-flow can offer a warm atmosphere throughout the entire kitchen. Kitchen designers prefer to combine warm and natural finishes such as discoloured wood with local grey or limestone concrete stones. They base it on active and passive green or sand colour features that uphold high-efficiency coating. Thus, the design harmonises all aspects of the kitchen space for comfort and aesthetic delight. It could get consuming due to the textures and features; however, if your goal is to achieve a modern kitchen with graceful looks, then this design is for you.

Final Thoughts

Kitchen renovations or upgrades are a costly affair for which you need to plan and have a clear image of the kitchen design you love. Above-mentioned modern kitchen design ideas will help you to bring your envisioned kitchen design to life. Wish you success for your kitchen upgrade!