When Do You Need 3-Phase Power Upgrades?

3 phase power

Larger electrical loads required for the smooth operation of multiple electrical appliances and devices and a 3-phase power supply can meet the needs. A 3-phase power is cost-efficient and resourceful that you can rely on. Level 2 electricians are qualified, trained and experienced to carry out 3-phase power installations or upgrades. 3-Phase electrical power includes three voltage sources that supply similar loads. The three waves of current deliver power one after the other. A 3-phase power supply is continual with these three live wires. And a 3-phase power supply can effectively transfer three times as much power compared to the single-phase power supply.

3-Phase Power Supply Advantages

Well, compared to single-phase, 3-phase electrical supply is steady and provides different benefits, some are listed-out below:

A 3-phase supply generates more electrical energy with the same amount of current.

  • A 3-phase power motor is more resourceful than single-phase, so it is cost-effective in the long run.
  • Single-phase peaks and dips in voltage, but 3-phase electrical supply delivers power consistently.
  • Electricity circuits would not get overloaded when powered by a 3-phase electrical supply.
  • When a 3-phase power supply system used, it curtails energy loss considerably, resulting in energy savings.
  • Any electrical appliance or machine vibrates less when powered by a 3-phase motor, so it lasts longer.
  • A 3-phase system supplies electric current at a steady and constant rate. And to avert power fluctuations, it will keep your electricity load evenly distributed over the 3-phase power installation.
  • A 3-phase system is required to carry out the installation of larger solar systems so that they can generate solar power.
  • Data centres and industrial companies can operate efficiently with 3-phase power.

Well, these are some valid pointers that encourage you to make a shift to a 3-phase electrical supply system. A qualified and trained Level 2 electrician in Sydney can help upgrade your single phase to a 3-phase power supply system.

Why Should Homeowners Upgrade to a 3-Phase Power Supply Source?

When installing an air conditioning system in your home, you have to check how much electrical power you’ll need. In most cases, you’ll need a 3-phase electrical power supply to balance the electrical load of your lighting, electrical appliances and air conditioners.

Why Should Commercial Establishments Install a 3-Phase Supply?

Commercial establishments need a larger amount of energy for running their lighting, appliances and automatic machines, so they need to install a 3-phase power supply for smooth operation.

Is 3-Phase System Required for Installing Solar System?

Depending on whether your property has a single-phase or 3-phase power supply system, accordingly, you can select the solar system size.

  • If you have 3-phase power system in place, then you can install a larger capacity solar system.
  • If you have a single-phase power system and need to install a larger capacity solar system, then you need to upgrade to a 3-phase electrical system.

Installing a larger solar system will help you save significantly on your electricity bills. So it does make sense to upgrade to a 3-phase power system if your property is still using a single-phase system.

Do Grinding, Welding or Machining Require a 3-Phase Power Supply?

Well, you may have cultivated a hobby or interest to work in a backyard shed. And if you are performing a bit of woodwork, welding, grinding or machining, then it requires a certain amount of electrical power. Level 2 electricians can provide a 3-phase solution to suit the number of amps and phases per your needs.

The Bottom Line

Whether you want to install a 3-phase power system for your property right away or upgrade to a 3-phase power system, contact accredited Level 2 electrical contractors or Level-2 electricians in Sydney.