Why Tungsten is so popular?

wedding tungsten ring

Recently, Tungsten has become one of the most popular metals for wedding rings. It’s a convenient way to make a very reasonable decision about your current wedding plans. Unlike gold or diamond, which is suitable for almost everyone, tungsten has a mysterious character. You may have worn jewellery before and you know that you are in fashion. Tungsten encourages new ideas right for you. Before going any further, tungsten wedding rings will fill your motivation if you have the right choice.

Is tungsten good for ring?

Tungsten is a pure metal found in nature. However, pure tungsten is not suitable for making jewellery. Tungsten is the tungsten carbide used to make jewellery. We qualify for each other.

Although it is used interchangeably, there are contradictions between these two terms. We cannot use tungsten in its pure structure in jewellery. Instead, it comprises around 85% tungsten and 15% carbon, nickel, or metallic cobalt called tungsten carbide. Since tungsten is brittle, mixing it with carbon reduces this identity, making the metal stronger and easier to work with. Nickel or cobalt acts like a metal foil that binds the metal together to form it. Tungsten Carbide Coated Nickel Plating is of the highest quality and best match. Despite this, we do not recommend it to use tungsten carbide with cobalt for jewellery preservation as cobalt naturally interacts with body oils can cause skin irritation and discoloration.

As we mentioned recently, tungsten carbide contains carbon. Carbonless tungsten is just a 7.5 gauge steel ring. You cannot scratch and hurt yourself under any circumstances. When carbon is added to a common carbide making machine, the metal becomes denser and stronger.

Some distributors sell light tungsten rings, but they call it tungsten carbide. So we make sure that there is carbide in each tungsten ring and to buy those rigid and elite rings.

What is special about the tungsten rings?

In the advanced world of jewellery, modern metals, for example, tungsten, titanium and hardened steel are used with elegance, especially in men’s jewellery, wedding rings and fashion jewellery. Here are the benefits of tungsten:

Tungsten is a light metal which, unlike the precious metal, is easy to carry in your wallet. The tungsten carbide used in jewellery has different classifications which can affect the cost. For example, higher grade carbon and tungsten nickel are more expensive than lower grade tungsten carbide alloys.

In terms of rigidity, tungsten carbide is superior to all other metals, in fact it is the hardest metal used in decoration, and tungsten is resistant to corrosion by most materials because it should exclude anything more real than that.

Another great way to make tungsten wedding rings is to think objectively about the metal. Over time, we have seen people switch to gold and platinum wedding rings. Gold loses its magnetite, platinum changes its colour and after a while the column hardens. However, tungsten carbide remains shiny for a long time even under normal use. Tungsten is your best option if you are involved in standard practices such as brushing, scraping, or zeroing on hard surfaces.

Tungsten rings is found in various colour. Gunmetal time is the general tone of tungsten and creates a very attractive and unusual alignment, while white provides a soft and contemporary option. White tungsten carbide is the most popular platinum and white gold based metal, which gives the wedding ring its look.

What are the things to be considered before buying tungsten rings?

Things to watch out for before buying


Contrary to popular belief, tungsten bands are strong anyway. It can be broken by hitting the ring on a hard surface or dropping it on a hard surface. This is the most important step for the preferred position in the mask. Since it is not difficult, it allows people to eliminate the negative behaviour of dealing with the pliers in an emergency.

Cannot change size:

If you don’t know the size of the wedding ring, you should buy another size. Tungsten is not adaptable. In other words, the jeweller cannot change the width of the ring to replace gold or silver. So if you choose the wrong ring size, you can buy another one before the wedding.


In general, tungsten rings are more common than titanium and gold! The wedding will always be a beautiful occasion, so the wedding ring should be an appropriate image of your dedication and faith. It should suit the couple lifestyle and personality. A wedding ring is an integral part of a wedding ceremony.

The movement and style of your wedding tungsten ring will always be remembered as a complete wedding and to create sweet memories.