Mobile App Vs. Mobile Website: Which is the Right Option for Business Growth


It’s evident that enterprises are aware of fact that they need to embrace a mobile strategy to build a strong mobile presence in the market. However, many entrepreneurs are confused, whether they should choose a mobile app, mobile website or perhaps both to solve their purpose.

Let us help you in figuring out which option is most suitable for your business. Here’s a quick rundown on unique differences on mobile websites and mobile apps.

Mobile Website is a set of few responsive HTML pages linked together which works on all the screen sizes. An OTT Media website like Uwatchfree ensures that your mobile website is perfect for evolving marketing strategies as it helps you to multiply your reach.

Some advantages of mobile websites are:

Why You Need a Mobile Website?

  •  Compatibility

One of the biggest advantages of a mobile website is that they are compatible with all smartphones and tablets, regardless of the operating system and screen resolution. It indicates that you can target a wider audience around the globe. Users don’t have to download an application to access its functionality which reduces a lot of efforts and saves time while operating it.

  •  Flexible and Cost-Effective

App development requires different platforms like iPhone or Android and submission to an app store which is not only expensive yet takes time to reach the audiences. Contrary to this, a mobile website is universal to all smartphone browsers with fewer steps to reach your users. For an effective first step with minimum budget and well-recognized mobile presence, a mobile website is considered as the best option.

  •  Website Exist Forever

The continuity of the website’s existence is only affected by domain or hosting renewals. However, mobile apps are automatically deleted if they are unused over a specific period as per the terms and conditions of app stores.

Unlike mobile websites, mobile apps must be downloaded to access its functionalities but still considered as preferred the means of communication between users and brands. Some advantages of mobile apps are:

  •  Personalization

With mobile apps, you can send your users exactly what they need. Apps help you track users’ interests and buying patterns and use the data to send custom recommendations and updates to the dedicated audiences. Also, apps use inbuilt functionalities of mobile devices like geolocation services to send location-specific promotions to make the customers feel happy and satisfied.

  •  Leverage In-Built Device Capabilities

Like geolocation services, native or cross-platform apps utilize device features and hardware to improve customer experiences. Features like push notifications within the apps increase customer loyalty and retention towards the brand.

  •  Opportunity to Work Offline

With increasing mobile app usage, now the mobile apps give your advantage to work offline. As mobile apps are installed on a device thus provide access to its features and content even in offline mode without any error.


When it comes to deciding one option out of two, the right choice simply depends upon your business strategy, marketing goals, and brand positioning. Mobile App Development Companies ensure that you get the optimal return on investment, regardless you choose mobile websites or mobile apps. However, it is recommended to include both to achieve remarkable business results in a brief time.