Want To Be A Well-Known Guitarist? 8 Proven Tips Can Be Helpful

Guitar Lessons in Austria

Living in Vienna, and wanting to know from where we can have good lessons to play guitar is not a question anymore. Here are 8 Tips to play guitar and be a Celebrity in your circle:

Slow and steady wins the race

Never Ever think about an overnight miracle. Oh yeah, because it’s a skill learned over time, just like anything else. Always keep in mind this great advice: Rather than rushing through training, it’s better to slow down, take your time, learn the fundamentals, and only move on when you’re ready.

Make Short Goals

Your goals can be simple, like “learn 5 new major chords by the end of the month,” or “learn to play one new song each month.” The best part is, looking back on your previous goals helps to see how far you’ve come. What’s better motivation than to see you’re achieving your goals?

Lessons are key

You can either go blindly into the dark by teaching yourself or the better approach is to find an instructor or online school in Austria, take guitar lessons, and be held accountable for your skill improvement.

We’re all ugly at first

When you learn your first harmony, your first song, your first improvising pattern, it’s going to sound horrible. But ugly is good. This is step one. The Second Step is, “um, eh.” The third step is, “Woah man, you’ve been practicing!”. It helps to remember that everything awesome sounding today was once unpleasant.

Hang out with musicians who are better than you

Playing with somebody better than you will keep you super motivated to keep learning. You’ll see them doing things you never thought about trying. And if you find yourself lucky, the better-skilled friends can help you along your guitar-learning journey. You can follow them as they are your guitar teachers.

Learn when to call it a day

A really important piece of advice: If you’ve killed your brain for hours and it’s just not happening, call it quits for the day. Your brain and body may need some rest away from the struggle-piece all together for the night. There may be chances that the piece you were struggling with the day before, you’ll be able to play flawlessly the next day. There are times when your brain just needs a little time to take things in.

Play what you like, like what you play

Chances are, the reason you’re learning guitar is that you were inspired by a musician or style of music. Well, when you get to the point where you can play some good chords, and you’re ready to cover some songs, stick with the music that made you want to begin playing in the first place.

Don’t give up!

To recall: Everything’s going to sound ugly at first. Your fingers may get hurt. You’re not going to be an overnight success. You’ll discover others will be much better than you. The key is to not let any of this stop you! These are just hurdles, nothing more. If you can keep moving forward, you’ll never once regret it. Finding ways to stay motivated, like discovering new artists and taking lessons, will keep you going strong.