Know the Benefits of Applying for Two Wheeler Loan Online


Planning to buy a two-wheeler or a bike? A two-wheeler can be a big relief for solving our commutation problems on a day-to-day basis. Especially when you have to go from one part of the crowded town to another, then a bike or scooter is the best option to avoid traffic snarls. But you are busy thinking about how will you fund this purchase as you have just started working? Don’t let your desires die down due to a lack of funds. These days, a two-wheeler loan is very accessible and easy to avail. Two-wheeler finance can make your dream of buying a bike or scooter come true without you having to put any extra burden on your existing monthly budget. So, let’s take a look at how you can benefit from applying for a two-wheeler loan online.

Top advantages of a two-wheeler loan online:-

  • Lesser financial burden

Buying an asset like a bike with the help of a loan will be easy on your pocket. A loan will enable you to repay the amount in easy monthly instalments (EMIs) over a period of time. Thus, you can opt to repay the total amount as per your convenience. With Bajaj Auto Finance, you can pay back the loan within a maximum span of 36 months. So, depending on your monthly income, choose an EMI amount that you can comfortably pay back within the stipulated time-frame.

  • Easy and convenient

A two-wheeler loan would help you to buy a bike or scooter of your choice. What’s more? You can take a loan on low-interest rates and payback monthly EMIs without spoiling your budget. To get this loan, your minimum age should be at least 18 years and the upper age limit is 65 years. Your two-wheeler loan can be maintained according to your financial suitability. Moreover, you can now easily apply for a two-wheeler loan online while sitting at home. With Two wheeler loan online approval, now forget the hassle of the tedious banking procedures and standing in queues for hours. Get the most out of the two-wheeler loan benefits and that too as per your convenience. Apply for your two-wheeler loan online in just 3 minutes with Bajaj Auto Finance. Just fill the online application form, calculate your eligibility, and get the loan approval. 

  • Bike Loan EMI Calculator

If you are planning to take a two-wheeler loan for buying a bike or scooter, use Bajaj Auto Finance’s online bike loan calculator which will give you an idea of the exact EMI amount. EMI Stands for Equated monthly installment, before applying a loan it is a good thing to calculate EMI and other details online.  Just select the total loan amount, tenure, and rate of interest, and you will find out your approximate two-wheeler loan EMI.

  • Helps Improve your CIBIL Score

A two-wheeler loan is not a big amount as a car loan or a home loan. So, repaying this loan is quite possible without any glitches. Remember that when you pay your loan EMIs on time, it always helps in improving your CIBIL Score. These enhanced scores will assist you in the future whenever you require a loan for a higher amount for maybe a car of your home.

  • Flexible Repayment Options

Bajaj Auto Finance offers two-wheeler loans online with flexible repayment options. You can set any tenure of repayment as per your choice with maximum repayment tenure of up to 36 months. You can make use of the bike loan calculator available at the website to come to an approximate EMI as per your loan amount and tenure. Selecting a longer tenure can lower your EMI value but will also increase your total interest payment. However, selecting a shorter tenure will reduce your net interest payments but would raise the EMI value. Therefore, you should pick a tenure only after a thorough calculation and analysis of your monthly finances.

  • Attractive interest rates 

Interest rates for two-wheeler loans in India usually range between 8%-20%. Our interest rates start from around 7.85% onwards and the loan processing fee ranges from 1% to 3.5%. The loan interest rates vary depending on the bank or NFBC you choose, which bike have you chosen to buy, your time of employment, what’s your income, etc. Usually, banks and NFBCs are offering two-wheeler loans these days at very feasible interest rates. You can calculate it online with Bike Loan EMI Calculator.

  • More affordability

Long repayment tenure available on two-wheeler loans is a lucrative bonus. Moreover, the flexibility of EMIs of your choice has made the dream of owning your own two-wheeler possible for youngsters and people across various income groups.