How To Create Badges For Free?


Do you need designing and creation of badges? Did you know that creating badges is an operation that you can do very well on your own in a short time and above all for free? Creating free badges for your event or company is a fast process; on the contrary, it is easier and faster than you think.

If you need to create professional badges for your company with all employees’ names, or you need to attend an event, and you need to make yourself recognizable, you are in the right place.

1. Canva

Canva is one of the best tools available online to create many graphic materials: brochures, invitations for birthday parties, posters, playbills, business cards, and so on. On this site, you can take advantage of different templates badge maker, customize them with different colors and fonts, and insert graphic elements such as lines, greeks, icons, backgrounds, etc.

If you do not want to choose among the items in the archive, do not worry: you can safely import your photos, logos, icons, for example, your company logo. Once you have finished customizing your badge using badge maker, you can save it in PDF format on your PC, and if you want, you can also share it to others, who can modify it as they wish and eventually download it in turn.

2. Make Badge

An excellent alternative to Canva is MakeBadge, a site that allows you to create personalized badges for free through a straightforward visual editor called badge maker. You can even change its shape and size, and even in this case, you can save it or print it immediately.

The incredible thing is that it doesn’t even require registration for using badge maker, so as soon as you arrive on the site, you can immediately start creating your badge for free. Unlike Canva, however, it does not have an archive of predefined vectors and icons. If you want to insert them, you will have to create them yourself using graphic file and import them as an image.

If you are an expert on these programs, don’t worry to get badge maker. Otherwise, Canva is the best, which from this point of view, is more complete. It all depends on the final result you want to achieve.

3. Big Huge Labs

Another free online badge maker program is the one offered by the Big Huge Labs website badge maker. Creating a custom badge here is lightning fast and very simple.

In an instant, you can change the color of the header and footer by also changing the writing inside them; enter your photograph, your name, and surname, any dates or useful information, and finally, you can enter a barcode in case your badge needs to be scanned with the appropriate tool.

So this program is great if what you want to get is a very simple and functional badge, disposable, but if you want to create a professional and sophisticated badge, this software is not the right option.

4. Business Card Star

This particular software is good to create free personalized badges as well as for creating business cards, but it has so many features that promoted creativity.

It is a service offered by the Business Card Star website.  However, it is user friendly and you may use it in many ways.

Create Free Badges Offline

Ruler and pencil icon creating open badges offline means that badge maker tools and software programs are already installed (or installable) on your PC. This means that you will not need an internet connection to make a badge using these tools.

The above information help you to learn how to create badges for free. You can find more details by visiting this link.