How Your Custom Shipping Boxes Should Be

shipping packaging boxes
shipping packaging boxes

Doing business in the online retail industry requires you to understand that one of the most important factors of your business is making sure your products will reach your customers without getting any single damage. This is the main reason you should have durable shipping boxes. These sturdy boxes not only will deliver your products to customers safe and sound. More than that, these boxes will also reduce returns which finally affects your profitability. So, read below for the explanation about how your custom shipping boxes should be.

The Right Size Boxes

When it comes to shipping boxes, size really matters. Just put yourself as an online customer, chances are that at some point you might have received your order in a box that was either too small or too big. Thus, as a customer, you might have had the following thoughts in your mind:

  • What a waste!
  • My products are damaged!
  • What this filling for anyway?
  • This company is so cheap they can’t send my ordered products in the right size package!
  • If they can’t get the box size right, then how can they assure about the quality of their product?

A single reaction from those mentioned above can make a bad, great impact on a retail brand.

Now as an online retailer, you surely don’t want your customers to have these kinds of concerns. Using the right size shipping boxes wholesale will give you many benefits such as:

  • The right size shipping box will use less material, and thus, will cost you less
  • The right size box will be a less expensive option because it will be easier to store and ship from your place to the customer
  • Choosing the right sized printed shipping boxes for your products can lessen the amount of void fill and cushioning you need to place inside
  • By minimizing unnecessary space, you could keep your shipping boxes be more secure and protected during the shipment and this will also reduce product damage

It can be quite overwhelming when you try to pick between the sizes and shapes for your custom shipping boxes to pack your products in. The best way to choose the right boxes is to place your product into a box with minimal extra space.

Always be aware of using a typical box that is too large for your product to fit inside. This box can even out your product at risk of damage. Moreover, a too-large box will surely increase the shipping costs due to its size. If you are selling products that come with different sizes and shapes, consider having the types of shipping boxes that will accommodate each of them ready to go.

What Are the Shipping Boxes Made Of?

The most widely used material to make excellent shipping boxes are the corrugated box also referred to as an ordinary cardboard box. These boxes are durable, lightweight, and can be crafted in various sizes and shapes. In fact, there are various benefits offered by this box which make it to be the most recommended one.

Corrugated boxes

As the name suggests, corrugated boxes are made of corrugated material, which is a paper that contains rows of air columns. The paper offers more strength due to the air columns. Also familiar as “brown boxes,” these boxes are extremely eco-friendly because they are produced of recycled cardboard boxes. These boxes are strong and can be stacked up for convenient and economic transporting. Better yet, they are also safe and easy to use since they do not have any sharp edge.

Outside and Inside the Boxes

Many brands frequently become too much focused on creating their designs (logo, the colors, and graphics) for their shipping packaging boxes to be.

Here are some items you should consider adding on the outside of your shipping boxes:

  • The stunning logo of your company
  • Official email, websites, and contact details
  • Branding messages
  • A thank-you card

What about the inside? To give a better customer experience, you could include some interesting ways to brand the inside your shipping boxes:

  • Fun Designs: Excellent visuals such as video, Instagram, and other social media sharing.
  • Lively brand’s colors and logo
  • A multi-colored, bold print
  • Some instructions on how to use your product
  • Customer reviews
  • A thank-you message

Branded Shipping Boxes

About 40 percent of shoppers say they would be more likely to purchase from a retailer brand again if they received their ordered items in a gift-like or branded packaging. When your customers would be excited about your brand, they would be more likely to recommend it to their friends and family. In fact, the branded shipping boxes will also encourage word-of-mouth marketing.

To create the branded boxes, you could search the packaging service provider that will provide the latest printing technology to make your boxes become more exclusive and branded. This company typically offers you various options of finishing touches such as UV coated, deboss or emboss, and many more that will highlight your retail brand amongst the other market competitors.

Final Thoughts

So, are you still using the plain, standard boxes to ship your products? Don’t you think that this is the right time to give something more to plea your customers? No need to think about those expensive commercial advertisements because all you need is to have the most exclusive shipping boxes wholesale that will lead you to reach the success level for your retail business.