Automobile application control system software-For enhancement in control system

Automobile Application Control System Software

The use of technology is omnipresent these days. One can find one or other support in the form of technology irrespective of his tasks. In the field of Automobile also modern technology is used to a larger extent. One can check the system of the concerned vehicle and carry out necessary actions for better performance. These Automobile application control system software apps are much useful to the users as well as the industry as a whole. One can check multiple software for his needs before going for any of them. 

There has been a rapid growth of Automobile Application Control System Software in the automotive industry. It aims at providing safety-critical system controlled by software that makes the control systems much effective. The software processors are used to achieve enhancements in the comfort, feel fuel efficiency and safety of the vehicle. The main function of the software is to increase control of important functions related to the vehicle. The successful implementation of software safety program involves selecting and applying effective methods of analysis. The essential functions that are controlled by system software include steering and braking independent of the driver. To provide overall system safety program the analysis technique is applied to check any potential hazards arising and finding the solutions to it. 

The requirement of software in cars: According to vehicle type the software holds the largest market share in passenger cars. The features like safety requirements, increasing demand for connected vehicles, increasing adoption of electrical and electronic components, continuous development of V2X technology and fuel-efficient vehicles have increased the growth of passengers car segment automotive software market.

Cars with high-end electronics have been enhanced due to increasing disposable income, high demand for personal mobility, increasing per capita income and improved lifestyle. The advanced technologies continue to be adopted in the vehicle segment due to an increase in production and sales of passenger cars all over the world. The luxury passenger vehicles are much added with advanced features like advanced driver assistance system, advanced infotainment systems, enhanced body control and comfort with other additional features. The autonomous driving has led to an increase in demand for automotive software with changes in technology. 

The area of innovation in automotive software has gained interaction connected with autonomous vehicle technologies in the global automotive software industry. Connected cars are attributing to the growth of automotive software for connected services, it has increased the number of services provided to connected cars. The cloud platform has increased with the advent of software services and allows the drivers, carriers, shippers, fleet operators, service stations, insurance companies and other authorities connected in real-time with each other. The increasing concern over a vehicle as well as the safety of the passengers has led towards the adoption of the intelligent transportation system. 

Categorization of Automotive Software System:

On the basis of application, the automotive software system market can be categorized as ADAS & Safety Systems, Body Control & Comfort System, Infotainment System, Power train System, Communication System, Connected Services, Vehicle Management & Telematics, Autonomous Driving, HMI Application, Biometrics, Remote Monitoring and V2X System. 

On the basis of Vehicle Type, the automotive software system market can be categorized as passenger cars, light commercial vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles. Further on the basis of the software layer, it can be divided as Operating System, Middleware and Application software.

The automotive software system market can further be categorized on the basis of EV application as Charging Management, Battery Management and V2G. It can further be classified on the basis of regions. 

Automotive Software Market:

Automotive Software is a collected data instruction that is programmable and can be used for performing operations of computer-based in-vehicle applications. The software that is embedded in-vehicles is referred to as Automotive Software. The Application that is computer-based in-vehicles includes telematics, powertrain, body control and comfort, communication, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and safety. The firmware and middleware operating system is used for running in-vehicle installed applications while using Automotive Software. 

The key drivers of Automotive Software:

  • Adoption of ADAS features in vehicles
  • Increasing adoption and use of connected car services
  • The intervention of innovative technologies

Key Technology applied in Automotive Software Market:

  • ECU (Electronic Control Unit) Consolidation: The aim of ECU consolidation through Automotive Software is to reduce the installation of hardware inside the vehicle. This can be achieved through virtualization of hardware using software through host Operating system architecture. In some vehicles, the Automotive Software also mixes together the safety-critical and non-safety-critical systems. 
  • Over-the-Air (OTA) Updates: The main job of Automotive OTA updated is that it can help in transmitting the diagnostic and operational data from a remote server to onboard system and components of the vehicle to provide up-gradation to various applications installed in the vehicle. The applications that are upgraded in a vehicle include ECU algorithms and infotainment without visiting the workshop, dealer garage or the site of the vendor. The updates of OTA can be categorized in firmware over-the-air (FOTA) and software over-the-air (SOTA) updates. 
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Automotive: The software in automotive can be used diligently with AI platform as well as solutions. The software integrated with artificial intelligence system is responsible for carrying out various complex operations and provide various capabilities to learn. There has been considerable development in the sphere of Artificial Intelligence software solutions, platforms and related software development kits. 

There are thousands of individual parts in modern automobile or vehicles that are much like our human body. These parts are arranged in a manner that several semi-independent systems, each with different functions are designed. Comprehensive software development tools are designed to build industrial control, automation and also edge system. The automobile software systems build new or extend the existing system to integrate open source using devices to connect cloud services. With an increase in advance functions in vehicles the need for automated services and control panels has become inevitable. High tech vehicles are designed with all automatic control systems, brakes, steering, doors and safety system. This requirement is much supported with advanced Automobile application control system software.