Here Are The Top Benefits of Using Poly Mailer Bag


For those who are new to poly mailer bag, you have come to the right place because here you will get to understand why you should get poly mailer bags to shop your e-commerce goods and items. Technically, poly mailer bags are nothing but polyethene mailer bags. These are easy to send, weatherproof, lightweight, and are an excellent alternative to corrugated cardboard boxes. Another reason why you should be buying poly mailer bags is that they are quite ideal for shipping apparels, they are self-sealing and quite flexible. Also, if you want to send non-fragile items, poly mailer bags could be the right option for you. Once you pack your items in poly mailer bags, they will help you to keep the things free from tampering, dust, moisture, and dirt. The ultimate agenda of using these poly mailer bags is to ensure that the product is receiving your customer securely.

What is Poly Mailer Bags?

Poly mailer bags will be made if polyethene. They are lightweight and highly flexible. Today, most of the shopping bags are made of polyethene material, and these bags are used to wrap food items, detergent bottles, and sometimes for automobile fuel tanks as well.

Here are the different types of poly mailers varieties to know about:

Layflat Poly Mailers

If you want to go for industry-standard poly mailer bags, then the recommended one to go for is layflat poly mailers. If you have ever ordered something from any e-commerce shop, then the product must have come in a layflat poly mailer bag. This will be flat in shape and can easily hold a vast verity of items. Goods which don’t require a lot of cushioning can be easily sent across layflat poly mailers.

Clear View Poly Mailers

If you want to ship magazines, brochures, and catalogues, clear view poly mailers will be an ideal choice for you. These will be transparent, hence the name clear view. The front will be transparent, whereas the back will be opaque.

Bubble-lined Poly Mailers

If you are shipping fragile items which don’t require a full packaging, then you can opt for bubble-lined poly mailers. This offer added protection and extra cushioning. Bubble-lined poly mailer bags will be low cost and are self-sealable.

Expansion Poly Mailers

For shipping bulkier items, go for expansion poly mailer bags. They are durable and expandable. The durable seam in the sides makes this one an excellent packaging material. To ship binders or books, sweatshirts, jackets, and more, you can use expansion poly mailer bags.

Returnable Poly Mailers

Returnable Poly mailers are other poly mailer bags that are often used by e-commerce companies who like to plan. These bags contain two self-seal adhesive closure. This way, the customer who wishes to send back the parcel can use the same poly mailer bag to return it to the company.

Recycled Poly Mailers

Those who care for nature and want to go for an eco-friendly solution; for them these 100% recycled poly mailer bags are the best options. These will leave lower carbon footprints, and because these are recyclable, they are not bad for the environment as well.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider choosing poly mailer bags:

Poly mailers consume a lot lesser space in comparison to shipping boxes. If you want to save shipping storage and wish to ship non-fragile items, poly mailers can become a good option.

These poly mailers are designed, keeping in mind the durability factor. They are weather-resistant, safe to use, water-resistant, and more. So, if you want to buy poly mailer bags or lashing, then look no further, and get in touch with Stream Peak today to buy best quality packaging materials.