What’s Your Pick: ASP. NET or ASP. NET Core?

asp.net or asp.net core

A fine way to learn about technology is to compare the latest technology with its previous version. This comparison offers you a comprehensive view of technology and its evolution.

This comparison also brings to your notice the needs of consumers and different ways to fulfill them. It helps you to determine and evaluate varied parameters wisely.

In this extract, we have shared light on the features of the framework of ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core. When it comes to these technologies, individuals have two major concerns-

  • What sets ASP.NET Core apart from ASP.NET MVC?
  • How to select the best perfect preference to create a web application?

To simplify your decision-making process, we have discussed the following concepts-

Introduction to .NET Framework

The .NET ecosystem is made of three essential components-

  • .NET Core
  • .NET Framework
  • Xamarin App development framework

The main function of .NET Core development is to support UWP that is ideally used to build Windows 10 apps. It is also utilized to develop web apps for Mac and Linux operating systems.

.NET Framework is used to create Windows applications with the help of WPF and Windows Forms and web apps through ASP.NET MVC.

Introduction to ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core

Instead of updating the existing framework of ASP.NET, Microsoft created a new framework and named it ASP.NET Core. In 2016, Microsoft launched this new framework.

The brand new .NET framework is more scalable and robust in nature. This new framework has more perks and can enhance your achievements in the world of website development.

The modern web development realm is in the course of developing web applications that are scalable, cloud-ready, secure, yet flexible in nature.

Understanding ASP.NET

In 2002, ASP.NET was introduced to the technology world. This is a primary web development platform that simplifies the process and creation of –

  • Applications
  • Websites
  • Web Services

To enable a smooth journey, this platform is integrated with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. It predominantly runs on HTTP protocols and commands.

Understanding ASP.NET Core

Microsoft released a refined and advanced ASP.NET framework which is popularly referred to as ASP.NET Core. Microsoft’s team carried out ample research and invested resources correctly.

ASP.NET Core is an open-source website development framework. This framework runs on operating systems like Linux, Mac, and Windows.

Initially, when this framework was launched it was called as ASP.NET 5. However, it was later renamed to ASP.NET Core.

Among the two frameworks- ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET MVC, the former has a cloud-based cross-platform framework. This exclusive framework is also called a single web programming framework. This framework is an impeccable combination of Web API and MVC.

How To Make The Tough Decision?

Individuals are often confused when it comes to picking one framework between ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core.

There are two fundamental reasons why you are considering these frameworks-

  • Planning to build a new application or website
  • You are a professional website builder

Regardless of the reason, considering certain aspects can help simplify your task to choose the right framework.

When to select ASP.NET MVC-

  • There is no need for cross-platform support for your web application.
  • You need a stable app development setting.
  • You wish to extend the functionality of your current web application.

When to select ASP.NET Core-

  • When you are keen to build a new type of web application.
  • You want to target your web-based app on Linux, Windows, and Mac.

As a budding developer of ASP.NET, it is recommended to select ASP.NET Core to create web applications. The main reason is that this framework is versatile and has diverse options for web applications.

You can also approach industry experts to enhance your knowledge regarding the framework and its implementation. A professional can provide you in-depth knowledge that can help sharpen your skills.

Major Differences Between ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET

  • Web Stack: ASP.NET Core is inclusive of a single aligned web stack-Web API and MVC. ASP.NET MVC 5 offers the option to choose from- MVC, Web API, or both to develop a web application.
  • Cross-Platform Support: ASP.NET Core supports this platform in the cloud environment. This helps to develop applications for any operating system. This is not possible with the ASP.NET framework. This is why ASP.NET Core is preferred to create web applications, console applications, and desktop applications.
  • Project Structure Alterations: If you skimp through ASP.NET Core MVC solution, then you will note the absence of Global asax and web config.

This makes you wonder, that then how does it cope with authentication, and configuration settings. Custom configuration and app settings can help you to work on some files.

Final Words

These are the primary parameters that differentiate both frameworks. The selection of the framework depends majorly on the project requirements.

Determine your project needs and then decide which framework works the best. Besides, a professional can always assist you to make the right choice.