It all started with a glass of margarita and a few shots of pina colada. Then you had a taste of bartenders’ favourite negroni and got the flavourful kicks of the simplest cocktail ever made mimosa.


From there, you found love for cocktails, and you started spending most of your sad and happy times by drinking the night away. Then you probably started investing for a few pieces of glassware and stocking your kitchen with bottles of brandy, gin, rum, whiskey, and vodka. 


Of course, your love for drinks and discovering different cocktail recipes didn’t end there. Now, you might be one of the thousands of millions of cocktail lovers who wish to build the home bar of their dreams.


If so, we’re happy to say that you got into the right pages. It’s because we’re about to throw some of the easiest and sure-fire tips for you to build the home bar you’ve been longing to have. So, secure a comfy seat because you’re about to find your way out to achieve the home bar that you fancy the most. 

1.Wave a magic wand to an empty area and turn it into a functional one.

The first thing you would want to do is to find a space where to build your dream home bar. Mostly, basements or man caves are the favourite locations of home bars where you can invite all your family and friends for the cocktail night. 


But, for those who have no basements or who have limited space in their home, don’t worry because you can still build the home bar of your dreams no matter how space-deprived your place is. All you have to do is to wave your magic wand to an empty space and transform it into a functional home bar. 

2. Invest in high-quality and eye-catching bar stools.

A bar won’t be complete without a few rows of bar stools, and the same thing goes for the home bar of your dreams. So, as you start building the home bar itself, you might also want to start looking for high-quality bar stools with an eye-catching design of your choice. 


But before purchasing bar stools, you might want to know that it comes in different heights and styles. You may choose from short (16”-23”), counter (23”-28”), bar (29”-32”) or extra tall bar stool (44”-47”).  

3. Start filling the home bar kitchen with essential tools.

Aside from shopping for bar stools, you might also want to invest in essential tools to enjoy a laid-back process of creating or making every cocktail and mixer either for you or your guests. You may have a beer and wine opener, a variety of drink glassware, cocktail shaker, jiggers, mixing cups, mixing spoons, muddlers, and so much more.  

4. Make a few cocktail books handy in the home bar area.

To highlight your specialities and talent in bartending, stock a few cocktail books in the corner. Although you can now Google the cocktail recipes anytime now, the joy of flipping the book’s pages is still second to none. 


So, don’t forget to unearth your favourite cocktail books you’ve been keeping in the stockroom for ages and stock them in your home bar. And you’ll see how your pile of cocktail books can wow your guests. 

5. Use reclaimed wood to give accent to the overall look of your dream home bar.

To achieve the complete impression you usually experience in bars or pubs, you may use reclaimed woods for the home bar of your dreams. You can incorporate the reclaimed wood pieces as an accent wall, as a counter table or as floating shelves to place your cocktail books.


A reclaimed wood accent will intensify the overall look of your home bar without requiring you to spend a fortune. Plus, this strong accent wall will make every smallest space look more expensive and inviting. 

6. Don’t forget to purchase the most stylish and functional bar cart in the market.

Another bar item to have for the home bar of your dreams is none other than the bar cart, which you can use to move the drinks or the bucket of ice around for your guests in the room. You can also use your bar cart as a cute accent or design in your home bar area.  

7. Give the home bar area good lighting. 

Good lighting comes with a good mood for every guest in the room. So, don’t forget to give the home bar of your dreams some good lighting that it deserves. 


You can make the overall look or design of your home bar popping with bar vibe by tucking LEDs with changing colour features either under the shelves, cabinets, bar stools, bar counters, and so much more. With good lighting, you can guarantee to give your guests a relaxing and bright home bar experience!


Those are only seven of the sure-fire tips you can do to build the home bar of your dreams. If you think this article’s interesting, don’t forget to share it with your family and friends too!


Kath Ramirez took up journalism as her Bachelor’s Degree with library and information science on the side and now writes for Where Saints Go Industrial Furniture. It’s a prestige UK-based furniture business that offers industrial vintage furniture and home accessories. After a busy working week, you’ll either see her binge-watching on Netflix, cuddling with her fur babies, bonding with her family or devouring her mom and sisters’ homemade goodies.