Exploring The Convenience And Charm of Neolith Worktops


Neolith is a large-format, lightweight sintered worktop surface. This worktop material has been growing in popularity due to the advantages that it offers to homeowners. That’s why many homeowners across the globe are transcending towards this new-age worktop material.

What is Neolith Worktop made of?

Neolith worktop is made from 100% natural materials. The natural oxides, granite compounds, silica and glass materials are combined under extreme heat and pressure conditions. The combination is further sintered into one solid and highly resilient worktop surface.

The combination of sustainable raw materials gives Neolith hardness, strength and durability. Natural oxides used in this worktop surface ensure various colour options, whereas silica and glass minerals offer resistance and chemical stability to the surface. It makes the countertop durable enough to withstand the impact of different cleaners and chemicals.

The high-pressure sintering procedure makes this worktop non-porous and dense. Therefore, it doesn’t even require sealing for making it stain-proof. Neolith can even withstand low and high-temperature conditions without showing any signs of cracking or scorching from thermal shock.

Applications of Neolith worktops

Neolith worktops are suitable for residential and commercial applications. This highly versatile material can be used for regular home remodelling projects, such as kitchen worktops or backsplashes. It is also suitable for commercial projects, such as large-format flooring or exterior building cladding.

The building exteriors made from Neolith become vandalism-proof. Another significant difference between Neolith and other surfacing materials like quartz is that it is UV-resistant. That’s why it is perfect for external applications, as it won’t show any signs of fading due to sun damage.

Is Neolith expensive?

The cost of installing the Neolith worktop is equal to that of mid or high-end granite due to its larger size format. With the larger size of the Neolith panels, you can ensure fewer joints and grouting on the worktop surface. If you want to save some money, you may consider installing thin Neolith surfaces for your project.

Is Neolith durable?

Yes, Neolith is exceptionally durable. You may even run a screwdriver throughout its surface, and it won’t leave any scratch on its surface. This worktop surface is even highly resistant to heat. It helps you quickly prepare different dishes, such as bananas foster, directly on the surface, and you will not see any signs of scorching or heat damage.

All these qualities attract many consumers toward Neolith. Furthermore, it comes in a wide range of colours, including replica marble. That makes it easier for homeowners to blend it with any possible interior design.

When was Neolith invented?

Produced by a Spanish company, The Size, Neolith worktop was developed a few years ago. But ever since Neolith came into limelight, it has been slowly gaining more traction in the market. There are so many worktop choices out there. But Neolith has made a name for itself, especially among the design and architecture community, as an innovative option that provides something new to every homeowner. It even comes with an extended 10-year warranty, giving peace of mind to homeowners after installation.

Neolith Countertops Colours, Edges and Finishes

You may choose from around 30 Neolith colours in ranges of greys, whites, blacks and browns.

Most homeowners like countertops that appear like marble but without any inherent flaws of the natural stone. So, Neolith is a popular choice among people looking for marble-effect worktops. Some Neolith marble lookalikes are:

  • Neolith Calacatta Gold
  • Neolith Calacatta
  • Neolith Carrara
  • Neolith Estatuario

Neolith Finishes

Neolith worktop comes in various finishes, such as river-washed, polished, silk, natural honed and satin. But the only drawback of glossy finish is that it is less resistant to scratches than other finishes. Sharp tools and abrasive cleaners may dull the finish of your polished Neolith worktop.

Neolith Edges

The edge styles of Neolith worktops are limited than other worktops. But you still get some attractive edge profiles to choose from. The minimalist edge is when edges are eased and honed. It looks rounded and smooth without any sharp corners. It is a perfect edge profile for contemporary kitchen worktops.

Mitred edge has been made using a short apron for mimicking the look of thicker borders of marble and granite. Another edge option is the waterfall that runs from the worktop surface down to the floor cascading, creating a luxurious appearance and sophisticated look.


Neolith worktops are revolutionary and provide several benefits to users. It is durable, scratch-resistant, stain-resistant and heat-resistant. Neolith doesn’t even crack or show any signs of damage even when any heavy object drops on its surface. All these qualities make it an attractive worktop option among busy homeowners. Do consider all the mentioned points about the aesthetics and functionality of this fantastic worktop material. It is best to purchase Neolith from reputed and professional worktop suppliers to ensure the top-notch product and installation.