Patio Furniture Clearance Sale: An Ideal Opportunity To Buy New Furniture For Your Home

Patio Furniture Clearance

Sipping your favorite drink by the pool or eating outside, the spring and summer days are all built for patio furniture. Although these beautiful seasons are great for patio time, they’re not the best time to buy patio furniture.


With everyone outside hosting barbecues and pool parties, buying outdoor furniture is on everyone’s view, making it the most expensive time of year to purchase furniture. When is the demand for patio furniture poor, but the supply high? Consider late summer and early fall! and you can expect a lot of patio furniture clearance sales.

When’s the right time to buy patio furniture?

Patio furniture normally goes on sale from August to October, when stores clear their summer products to make way for the fall inventory. Generally, the farther away from summer, the greater the savings on patio furniture.

Sales at the beginning of August are around 20% off. But by the end of October, you will find savings of up to 70% off! With these extra savings, you can invest in an usually costly item (like the wicker chair and table that you had your eye on) without feeling bad about it.

Things to remember when you are shopping for patio furniture

Keep an eye out for the pieces you want that match comfortably on your patio in the summer. The sale season with a schedule and keep an eye out for sales. Make sure you have the following three points in mind as you decide to buy patio furniture:

The Item Itself

If you’ve got your sights on a trending product, go and buy it as soon as there’s a deal. You may always ask a store employee how much inventory they have left of that important item. This gives you an idea of whether the item will quickly be out of the shelf or whether you have time to wait for a better sale.

The Weather

Is the warm weather changing to fall? If the weather is still good, people would be able to pay the full price for decor there outdoor furniture. Stores can hold on to sales until the weather starts to get chilly. If that’s the case, look for post-Christmas or New Year’s close-out sales.

Sales Seasonal

Many stores have sales every year for the same holidays or periods of time. Here are a few to look for:

New Year’s Day (January 1): be on the lookout for summer and winter close-out items.

President’s Day (3rd Monday of February): some retailers will start advertising their spring and summer products and will have “pre-spring” offers.

Memorial Day (Last Monday in May): watch for major discounts on any remaining winter and fall inventory, and search for smaller “last-chance” spring sales.

Independence Day (July 4th): just about everything is being discounted during this period, keep an eye on your favorite shops to see what they have to give.

Indigenous People’s Day / Columbus Day (1st Monday in October): as the fall rolls in, look for greater discounts on patio furniture.

Black Friday (Day of Thanksgiving): several stores start selling Black Friday at the beginning of Thanksgiving week, and some close to the beginning of November.

Cyber Monday (Monday after Black Friday): if you miss out on Black Friday sales, you’re likely to catch a better deal if you can be at the Cyber Monday sale which offers even Black Friday sales.

If there’s a specific store (Shop4Patio: ranked as being really good!) you’re looking to buy from, be sure to sign up for their email or print updates to be the first to hear about their deals on wholesale patio furniture and probably get early access to them. So contact them today!