Different Types of Gemstones and Their Benefits


Nowadays we have seen people wearing different types of gemstones in different ways.
Many people believe in the power of these gemstones. It is very important to wear the
correct gemstone in the right way. So that it can provide you with all the benefits that are
required in your life. According to the astrologers, there are different types of gemstones,
and not every gemstone needs to suit every person. Gemstones provide benefits if they are
worn correctly otherwise they can even bring a lot of difficulty to you as well. These
gemstones are rare and very precious, so you can buy gemstones on EMI from the
renowned dealers.

Basically, gemstones are worn according to the type of stars of the person in his/her birth
chart. There are different varieties of gemstones. Let’s have a look at them.

● Emerald: A green coloured stone that is also known as Panna in Hindi is a sacred
stone that empowers the planet budh. This stone is very beneficial for people whose
work is related more to mental abilities. It helps in bringing wealth to the person and
it is also very good for the person that is having some health issues. It should be
worn under the guidance of an expert or the astrologer.

● Yellow sapphire: This gemstone is also known as pukhraj and is considered to be the
stone of Jupiter. This stone is from the corundum family and is the twin of ruby and
blue sapphire that is also known as Neelam. This stone is very good if someone
wants to bring prosperity to his life. This stone is considered to be one of the safest
stone that will bring good vibes to someone’s life.

● Pearl: Many people like to wear this stone generally but even this stone can provide
many benefits if worn properly. This stone is worn to encourage love and
compassion in life. This stone is associated with the lunar energy that is why it heals
both mental as well as physical health. Mostly people of your age that are starting
their career are advised to wear this stone as it will bring positive vibes to them.

● Diamond: One of the most expensive gemstones is a diamond which is known as
heera in Hindi. This is worn in different ways like earrings, nose rings, pendant, rings,
etc. it is up to the choice of the person who wants to wear it. This stone is related to
the planet Venus and is good for people that lack confidence in expressing their

So these are some of the different varieties of gemstones that are commonly worn by the
people. The prices of the stones vary with the weight of the stone. You can easily
get finance gemstones from any of the dealers in the gemstones. It is highly recommended
to always go for original stones as they will provide you with the best rests. In case you get
fake stone it will not do anything good for you.