7 Hidden Features Of Garmin Nuvi 2555 We Bet Which Is Never Heard Before


Gramin nuvi 2555 provides free traffic service information and have four free maps upgradation in a year. In this GPS navigator, user can see the possible delays along with the travelling path and current maps are available for avoiding unpleasant surprises when a driver is exploring some unfamiliar places.

The device or product is a portable GPS navigator which includes free GPS map update, lifetime download card is available which can receive upto 4 maps updates  per year with no additional fees. It has 3D traffic receiver for free for a lifetime traffic information. JPEG form picture viewer and audio book player. This GPS device has 5 inches of touch screen, detailed maps, guidance related to various lanes with photo real junction view. It has powerful and efficient navigation features. Address information is available , guide related to destination with voice modular is available.


  1. A portable device which can be taken anywhere and anytime.
  2. 5 inches of touch screen display.
  3. Pre-located with maps of United states.
  4. Voice prompts is available.
  5. Traffic trends is there to provide routes which are based on actual historic travel time due to traffic on daily basis.
  6. Assistance related to various lanes and junction views are provided.
  7. Indicator for speed limit is provided.
  8. Multi destination routing facility and information is provided.
  9. A free GPS map update support is also provided by this GPS device.


  • The device enables to avoid free traffic tie-ups through the availability of traffic updates free of cost for lifetime which can help the person avoid delays.
  • Traffic conditions can be checked.
  • Free of cost map updates for lifetime is provided with up to date maps, navigation related information available just at your fingertips.
  • Free GPS maps update can be downloaded without any subscription fee and expiry dates.
  • Photo real junction view facility which enables person to know about the unfamiliar place or lane and makes it easy and convenient to navigate through them.
  • Dual navigation function helps to hold the device in a horizontal and vertical position in a convenient manner while driving and walking.


  • Cradle mount.
  • Suction cup windshield mount.
  • GTM 26 traffic receiver.
  • 5’ USB cable
  • Necessary safety and product information.
  • Start manual available in English and French languages.
  • Accessory guide book

The device includes compatible software, voice prompts, pre-loaded maps and card reader. GPS connection is required, rechargeable battery is included in the device.  It is a vehicle GPS navigation portable device which has GPS map update support.

How to update garmin nuvi 2555 device?

Following steps have to be followed to update the device-:


First connect the device to computer by keeping it on. Connect it using a USB cable.


Then manually sign in into the Garmin account if the person is first time updating the device.


Install the Garmin express on the computer through Garmin Express download page and downloading the file and then installing it.


Access and purchase the update by adding a device and locating the GPS.


The application will search for available updates and list will appear on the screen.


Click on the option of select all and keep the device connected to the network while the i process  of update installation is going on.


Once the process of update installation is complete , person will have all available applications which are  free and comes standard with the device.


Purchase of lifetime updates have to be done by the user.


Then, disconnect the device and unplug the USB cable.