Ways To Check The Battery Status Of Your Lenovo Battery


All of us in the modern times need laptops and the need is more than ever. In the modern times be it everything from schools, offices or colleges are opting the digital route. Just imagine a situation where your laptop stops in the middle of a presentation or the battery turns off. Then taking it to a lenovo authorized service centre in Navi Mumbai might be a proper step. The brands of the company have always been a favourite among the young and the old. It is not only about awesome applications but the device provides you with an extended warranty.

Why a warranty is needed when you purchase a Lenovo laptop?

Once you have gone on to locate a laptop of your dreams and willing to hand over the money, but have you go on to flip through the term warranty on the device. It is an area that most of the people tend to ignore once they go on to undertake a purchase. In a way it goes on to cover the hardware problems that did not arise at the end of an owner. Examples are in the form of

  • Monitor problems
  • Defective keyboards
  • Issues of the screen
  • Modem issues or any other internal issues
  • The warranty goes on to cover the parts along with labor repairs.

All of us tend to adopt precautions at all times, but sometimes things do not go the way as we desire. There could be a spill over or any other form of damage and this is where the importance of warranty comes into picture. In simple terms when your device is under terms and conditions that any repair would be automatically replaced at the end of a company.

It is also going to specify the pointers that does not fall under the preview of warranty. Simple facts like breaking the sealing and having a look inside might make the terms of warranty void. Now let us explore some of the things that fall under the warranty scheme. Even before you head over to the Lenovo service centre in Navi Mumbai keep the following pointers in mind.

  • Any sort of manufacturing defects fall under the scope of warranty
  • You can replace the defective parts and replace it
  • If you upgrade the RAM it is not going to void the warranty
  • Even the damage that occurs due to water spill falls under he warranty
  • If you damage the product due to any reasons
  • ¬†Electronic or fire damage
  • Battery issues

Checking the warranty of your Lenovo battery.

In the event of the laptop being damaged and you have gone on to forget the expiration date there is no need to worry. There is a need to be aware about the serial number present on the model. It is possible to figure it out on the underside of the laptop where you go on to obtain all necessary information like the specifications along with the batch number of the laptop.