Al Reef Villas – Offering the Most Luxurious Living Spaces in Abu Dhabi

Al Reef Villas

Villas in Dubai and Abu Dhabi witnessed a significant increase since the global pandemic hit the UAE real estate. Not that they weren’t popular before but people preferred studios when it comes to properties for rent in Abu Dhabi or for buying purposes. However, as the pandemic caused people to be confined to their homes, they realised the importance of getting bigger, spacious residences. Property finder platforms also reported an increase in the number of queries for villas during and after the lockdown in this emirate. 

Apart from having bigger living spaces, villas offer numerous benefits. However, they depend on the community you have selected. Among all the villa communities in Abu Dubai, Al Reef deserves a special mention. Located along the Abu Dhabi Highway, it ranks among the top villa communities in the region.

Have a look at some of the salient features of this community:

Self-Contained Community

Al Reef is a self-contained community as it houses retail, hospitality and healthcare centres, along with top-notch residential and commercial properties. Spanning over an area of 1,000,000 square metres, this development has a serene and welcoming ambience that attracts residents.

The spectacular views residents get to enjoy here further adds to its popularity.

State of the Art Facilities

Villas in this community are laced with state of the art facilities. These dwellings come with a swimming pool, private garden, separate storage room, patio, balcony and other modern facilities including double glazed windows, 24×7 services, centrally air-conditioned, etc. Be mindful that these facilities may differ from property to property. For instance, a 3 or 4-bedroom villa offers more conveniences as compared to a 2-bedroom unit.

It is important to check and inspect these facilities before finalising a particular property.

The community also features outdoor balconies, play areas, indoor and outdoor pools, sports facilities, separate gyms for men and women, BBQ facilities etc. These facilities further add to the popularity of Al Reef and help to enhance the lifestyle of residents.

Appealing Designs

Villas here boast of fascinating architecture that can leave anyone in awe. They are divided into different exclusive categories, based on their style. These include:

  • Arabian
  • Mediterranean
  • Desert
  • Contemporary

Due to the division of villas in these categories, there is plenty of structural variety at the disposal of buyers and investors. Regardless of the type, configuration and style, each villa exudes elegance, class and grace from every nook and cranny.

Abundant Options

As the community covers a huge area and encompasses numerous developments, potential buyers and investors are truly spoilt for choices. Depending on their budget and choice, they can find any property that suits their preferences.

Apart from Al Reef villas, buyers can also choose from multi-storey houses and spacious flats.

Strategic Location

Although located a little away from the main city, it is still considered an ideal property to buy a villa. The reason is its strategic location as it connects major highways. Nestled at Sheikh Maktoum Bin Rashid Road, it is situated near Shahboot City Villas and Yas Island.

Another feature that has contributed to its popularity is its close vicinity to Al Raha Beach. Families can spend some quality time at this beach without having to face commutation hassles.

Ready-to-Move-in Properties

Al Reef features ready-to-move-in properties. So, buyers do not have to wait for a long time before settling here. Once they have purchased a property and reserved it under their name, they are free to relocate.

All in all, Al Reef offers a lavish lifestyle that every homeowner yearns to lead. It is a peaceful community featuring modern amenities and facilities. Therefore, if you are planning to buy a residential property in Abu Dhabi, Al Reef has the best options for you. Whether your aim is to buy a property for residential or investment purposes, you can find the best listings here. 

Having said that, it is recommended to hire the services of a real estate expert to get your hands on the best deal. Even if you are a real estate pro, hiring a reliable and experienced real estate agent who specialises in the Abu Dhabi market is a must as they will find the best listings for you while assisting you in making an informed decision at the same time.

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