10 Things You Should Look for in a Spin Bike!

Spin Bikes

If you’re not getting enough time to get ready, pull out your outdoor bike and ride in the open atmosphere. And sometimes, the weather will not allow you to go outdoors due to heavy rains or storm going on. So, if you’re looking for the best alternative for your workout without leaving the comfort of your home, then buy a spin bike for sale online at the best price. The spin bike designed to provide a genuine cycling experience identical to riding an outdoor bike and that too without having to leave your home, indoors.

Here are the ten things you should look for in a spin exercise bike in Australia.

1. Modes of Resistance

A spinning bike comes in four different types of resistance mechanism explained below:

  • Electronic Magnet Brake: The electronic magnet brakes make use of a small hydraulic system to move a magnet to apply resistance to the flywheel.
  • Electromagnetic Systems: The electromagnetic system is a recent addition to the spin bike and very rare. It uses an electromagnetic field to produce resistance and does not involve any moving parts.
  • Manual Screw Resistance: The manual screw resistance involves a grip and operates as an analogue – a simple system that executes the job fittingly.
  • Cable Resistance Mechanism: You’ll find cable resistance mechanism only on low-end bikes, which not recommended because it tends to skid, and therefore, it is not dependable.

2. Weight of the Flywheel

Spin Bike Flywheel

Image source: Bargains-Online.com.au

The raised wheel you see in the front of a spin bike is the flywheel. The flywheel rotates when a cyclist pedals the exercise bike. When you’re looking for a spin bike as your commercial exercise equipment online for a workout, then you should consider flywheel’s weight. The flywheel’s weight determines the motion of the spin bike – more the weight, the smooth will be the motion.

Typically, spin exercise bikes for homes come with a flywheel that weighs between 11 kilograms and 18 kilograms, whereas, commercial spin bikes come with a flywheel that weighs between 13 kilograms and 22 kilograms. As a thumb rule, avoid purchasing a spin exercise bike with a flywheel weight that is less than 11 kilograms. Anything less than 11 kilograms is very light and cannot impart a smooth and seamless motion. Nonetheless, it’s best to try out a few different exercise spin bikes to get a feel of the flywheels before making a purchase decision.

3. Adjust-ability

All indoor exercise bikes provide an adjustable seat and adjustable handle. Besides, different bikes offer varying degrees of adjust-ability. If you’re overweight or tall, then you’ll have to make some adjustment to use the exercise bike; thus, adjust-ability is significant. However, it is not troublesome because many exercise bikes provide the ability to adjust a seat horizontally and vertically, and the same applies to the exercise bike’s handle as well.

4. Bike Pedals

A toe strap is attached to the bike pedals for stability in most of the exercise bikes available on the market. However, some commercial bikes come with a unique type of strap for the SPD cleat on specialist cycling shoes, which is more secure than toe strap. Nonetheless, you don’t have to worry about this.

5. Braking System

A spin bike comes with three different braking system choices, and they are listed below:

  • Fabric Brake-Pads: You’ll find fabric brake-pads in the entry-level indoor exercise bikes for home use.
  • Leather Pads: Higher-end bikes designed for both home and commercial use outfitted with leather pads.
  • Magnetic Breaking: The magnetic braking system is silent because there is no physical contact. Besides, it provides a far greater range of resistance. The best part is it needs no maintenance or replacement. The magnetic braking system is a tremendous achievement. If you’re getting magnetic breaking as an option in the exercise bike, then it should be your first choice.

6. The Drive System

Spin bikes come in two different types of a drive system as listed below:

  • Chain-based drive system
  • Belt-based drive system

Well, choose a belt-driven spin bike if that’s an option; a belt-driven system is superior in many ways. The belt-driven system does not make any sound; besides, it needs less maintenance compared to the chain-based drive system. Finally, you can easily adjust the belt.

7. The Frame & Legs

No matter what type of spin exercise bike you plan to purchase, the frame and the positioning of legs are significant. So, look out for a spin bike that has a robust stabilising frame and wide legs for utmost balance. Ensure the legs are broad enough so that the bike stands appropriately balanced even with the most intense use.

8. Built-In Transportation Wheels

As spin bikes come fitted with heavyweight flywheel, it becomes difficult to move even within your home. So, look out for spin bikes that come with built-in transportation wheels for easy mobility. It is even more significant if you’re buying it for your home where space is often confined.

9. Display Screen

Spin Bike with Display Screen

Image source: Bargains-Online.com.au

Spin exercise bikes of today come with a display screen such as Spin Bike SPX200 from Norflx comes with 4” LCD screen to display your bike’s speed, the total distance travelled and estimated calories burnt during the workout. Higher variants of spin exercise bike in Australia provide more information; for instance, it would display the user’s pulse rate, or offer the ability to set targets based on distance travelled and more.

10. Bottle Holder

Today’s spin bikes come with a water bottle holder, whereas, some higher variants even provide a double holder. If you want to sip water between your workouts, then lookout for a water bottle holder in a spin bike.

Final Words

Well, all types of physical workouts are required to stay fit and maintain overall well-being. It is equally vital to maintain a healthy diet; what we put into our system matters as much as how much we workout. When you blend a healthy diet with a regular spinning routine, then the short-term results that you witness will be more than enough to keep you motivated for the long-term gains.