Running a company or leading an entire team shouldn’t only for the sake of gaining more commendable profits and earning your customers’ trust and loyalty. As a company owner or team leader, you should also pay attention to your company’s most important assets, none other than your employees.  


Every employer, manager, and team leader should know the importance of boosting their employees’ or team members’ engagement to work in the company. It’s because if the employees may lose their willingness to work, the idea of filing for immediate resignation will be on the horizon. 


And since the employees are the ones who are doing most of the tasks to keep the business running and thriving on the battlefield, you wouldn’t want to see one employee leave the company and quit the job from time to time. Thus, take these fail-safe steps or tips to retain your employees’ engagement to work in the company – both the old ones and new hires. 


Take note that this is regardless if you’re the employer, department manager, HR supervisor/professional or team leader. Look no further and start browsing through the next pages. 

1. Manifest genuine praises and recognition towards a job well down or excellent work performance

As an employer, manager or team leader, you should never disregard or turn a blind eye towards the employee’s commendable output or outstanding work performance. Understand that aside from the fact that the employees respect you, they also look up to you the most. 


Thus expressing your thoughts towards a job well done will mean so much to them. In that way, you’re also making your employees feel that you and the whole team values them too. 


So, recognise their hard work and excellent work performance by saying “Good job!”, “Keep up the excellent work!” or a “Thanks for a job well done!”. 

2. Come up with the best HR support team.

Having an excellent HR support should never be the least priority regardless if it’s a renowned company, a startup firm or a midsize enterprise. For some employers who aren’t aware of the importance of competitive HR support, hiring experts to manage finance and IT operations are all enough. 


But outstanding human resources management should be a priority for the sake of the business and employees. Here are the consequences when an employer put the HR support on the backburner. 


  • There will be less to no personal development training or programs for the employees, which is necessary to help them grow as an individual. 
  • The hiring process will be at stake. 
  • There will be more room for absenteeism. 
  • There will be no proper documentation of employees’ records and information. 
  • There will be no HR experts to monitor the employees’ work general work performance. 
  • The company’s overall system will likely be in poor condition.


Now that you’ve seen the consequences of disregarding the importance of having excellent HR support, you better think twice before putting the idea of getting one on the backburner. 

3. Raise a culture of open communication and transparency in the workplace.

Developing the employer-employee professional relationship and bond is possibly by raising a culture of open communication and transparency in the workplace. Involving your employees in discussing the company’s progress, means you’re transparent to them. 


As their boss or team leader, you should practice open communication and transparency so they’ll also remain transparent to you too. Raising a culture of open communication and transparency will give employees ample space on the stage to state their opinions and ideas. 

4. Offer leadership training and personal development programs as regularly as possible.

You can’t deny that some employees show exceptional competence and possess great potential. With that, don’t let them get stuck inside their box and help them grow in the company through personal or leadership development training and programs. 


With that, you’re nurturing their onhand knowledge, skills, and helping them grow not only as an employee but also as an individual. 

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Employees: Every company’s most important assets

Those are some of the best recommendations for an employer to keep his employees in the company. And since you’ve unfolded them one by one, don’t hesitate to apply it to your company too. 


Kath Ramirez took up journalism as her Bachelor’s Degree with Bachelor of library and information science on the side and now writes for HR Dept, an outsourced HR support provider based in Australia. After a busy working week, you’ll either see her binge-watch on Netflix, cuddling with her fur babies, bonding with her family or devouring her mom and sisters’ homemade goodies.