Door Lock Installation: Don’t Make These Mistakes

Door Lock Installation

Buying a door lock might sound easy, but still, people who buy door locks usually make some common mistakes that could have been avoided.

Hiring experts to complete this task for you will make sure that your door lock is installed with complete security and safety.

Here are some common mistakes that you must avoid while installing or replacing door locks.

Not Using the Same Brand

If you are using a specific brand for your door lock mechanism, it might be a good idea to think about your next smart lock brand. Usually, the brand you use matters a lot because if you are using the same lock brand, you can quickly set up the door lock and easily operate the smart locking mechanism you are planning to install.

Also, you can integrate your current home security system with the new smart door lock mechanism. It will allow you to install the best security system for your home. It will be a lot more convenient for you to do this for your house.

Removing the Deadbolts

There are several people who are making a common mistake of removing deadbolts while installing the new smart door lock system. This is the most common mistake that you must avoid. However, the deadbolts that are already installed on your doors will provide strength and improve the new smart door lock system, as it can easily integrate with the current door lock system.

It can also help to block the entry points and avoid thieves and intruders from entering the house with force. By removing these bolts, you will not be able to get this benefit. But, by keeping it and combining it with the new door lock system, you can strengthen your home security system.

Buying Cheap Door Locks

Cheap locks might seem a big deal, especially if you are living in a safe neighborhood. But always remember one thing that the more affordable the door lock, it would be much easier for an intruder to break it.

Make sure that your security is up to the mark, and you are buying a professional smart lock for your house. You can also search for smart door locks that offer better security, like a digital door lock system or a deadbolt.

Measuring from the Bevel

You must always remember that your door will never close accurately if you do not measure it correctly to keep the new door lock straight. To avoid this from happening, you must measure it from the side of the door, which is not beveled.

If the door lock is not installed correctly, it will not allow the door lock to pass through and keep the door closed securely.

Not Fixing the Correct Problems with the Doors

Before installing the new smart door lock, you must make sure that there are no lingering problems with your doors. For example, you might find it difficult to close or pushing it way too hard for locking it. If you are experiencing these types of issues, installing a new smart door lock will be challenging. If you are able to install the new door lock, the lock might still not work correctly.

It is also essential to consider the door type and measurements before installing the new smart door lock system. Unless you find the perfect door lock that meets your door requirements, you will not be able to install it properly.

Not Considering the Weather Conditions 

Do you know that extreme weather conditions require a specific type of door lock? These harsh weather conditions can easily make your doors warp and prevent them from locking. The door locks that are not well-built might have moving plates or loose screws when experiencing extreme weather conditions.

So, you must buy a good smart door lock that can easily withstand in harsh weather conditions in both winters and summers. Reliable and good smart locks are usually waterproof, unlock with push-button codes, and does not require batteries.

Not Ensuring the Compatibility with New Door Lock System

If you have already installed some other home security systems, such as sensors, detectors, alarm systems, monitoring cameras, and other equipment, it would be best to ensure compatibility with your new door lock and existing home security devices. It is essential, as it will help you to install the new smart door lock system to existing home security equipment.

When your new smart door lock system is compatible with your existing home security appliances, you can easily manage all the devices with your desktop or mobile device. Also, these devices will run together more smoothly to avoid any intruders or thieves in your house.

Not Changing the Default Password

You might find some difficulty while learning the new door lock settings once it is installed for people who are not familiar with the smart door lock installation. Usually, the users keep using their default password and don’t change it after the installation.

It might not be good for your overall home security by using the same password; burglars and intruders can easily open your door lock without breaking anything.

So, it is always suggested that you must change your existing password after installing the new smart lock system. It is still best to your home security password once a month regularly.

Error in Drilling Holes

Drilling the holes correctly is very essential for the perfect installation of the new smart door lock. The correct way is to drill the holes from the inside, and the sides must be switched instantly after drilling the holes on the other door side. The user must be very careful while completing the entire procedure.

Going Digital

Digital locks are great, and there are several significant reasons behind it. They also offer effective security solutions, but not everyone knows how to install them correctly. If you are planning to buy a new smart door lock for your house, you must first read all the regarding instructions correctly.


Installing a door lock might seem easy, but it is a challenging task. By knowing all the common mistakes, it would be best never to put the security at risk. Read the article to learn about the common door installation mistakes that you must avoid.