Why Are Teenagers So Obsessed With Silk Durag


Fashion is an evolving world where trends change rapidly. A trend emerges and fades faster than you can anticipate. However, the changing trends are not all about “in with the new and out with the old”, as certain trends often make a strong comeback. Take, for instance, durag.   


Durag is a cap, usually made of silk and velvet, and worn for work, play, sleep, and travel. Durag, do-rag, or dew-rag, all mean the same. Durag has a history dating back to the 19th century, as an unofficial dress-code of African American slaves. It emerged, faded, and remerged many a time since then in terms of popularity. As of now, it’s gaining traction, especially among teenagers.  

Why are teens obsessed with the best silky durags? Let’s discuss the factors involved, in detail.  

They are ‘in’

Seeing rappers, athletes, and icons of the popular culture flaunting a durag is a common sight. With “Dragon-ball Durag” by Thunder Cat and “Rhinestone Doo Rag” by Royce Da 5’9″, you even have songs that reference durag as the title piece to sweep women off their feet. What does this all suggest? Perhaps, only one thing – the headgear is the new in-thing. 

Teenagers are more receptive to changing fashion trends. Call them the early adopters, keen to embrace anything new and cool. When their icons accessorize themselves with a durag, it is obvious for impressionable teenagers to follow suit. Once the headgear in on, teens make many a heads turn, deliver a strong style statement, and become a part of the popular culture.  

They’re functional

The headgear also serves a function, hair care. Teenagers know this only too well. They count on the best silky durags to keep the waves and hairstyle intact, straighten hair, prevent sun damage, and perk up hair texture. That’s so much of practicality for a fashion accessory. 

Just brush your hair and put on the durag. The compression created by the headgear keeps your brushing intact and develops a wave-effect. For the uninitiated, wave-effect is a hairstyle wherein the curls flatten out to create a ripple-like pattern. Durags also cover cornrows by warding off all the friction and fizz. Hair protection from dust and sun also comes naturally.  

They offer variety

Millennials have an obsession with variety. Durags feed this obsession to the fullest. Think silk, satin, velvet, and mesh, durags are available in multiple material options. The diversity in design, style, and color options is equally impressive to meet every taste, occasion, and requirement.    

Velvet durags are highly comfortable and stylish, making them the most sought after headgear among style-savvy teens. When teenagers want something shiny and more practical, they turn to silk durags. Made of polyesters, silk durags offer more compression for better hair care and 360 waves. These headgears also offer better breathability than any other material type. 

They are affordable

Teens often have to face a resource crunch. What they earn through summer jobs, pocket money, allowances, or babysitting might not be sufficient for expensive fashion accessories. As durags are easy on the pocket, teens can accessorize themselves without paying over the odds. 

Pay anywhere around $15 and help yourself to a comfortable, well-made, and highly aesthetic and functional headgear. However, the prices are subject to factors like material, brand, and more. If you are good with the choice of the vendor, many money savers like special offers, free giveaways, and free shipping might come your way. Additional savings doesn’t hurt, isn’t it?

They signify free spirit

In an eventful journey across two centuries, durags have come of age when it comes to public perception. What was once stereotyped with blackness now represents the free spirit, mutual understanding, and more. Despite being systematically marginalized through bans and negative publicity, durags still find takers in plenty, especially teens and young adults across the US. 

Teens are rebellious by nature, gravitating towards anything that symbolizes the free spirit. Durags come across as a stylish, low-cost option to flaunt their free-spiritedness and readiness to evolve and break stereotypes. That’s why durags are here to stay as a fashion trend. 

They can be doubled

If a single durag doesn’t suffice to maintain your hair, deliver a style statement, or create waves, feel free to wear two best silky durags together. The double durag method is apt for teens that have an issue with their hair sticking up in the single durag, especially in hostile weather conditions. The method also helps better 360 wave formation than a single durag. Plus, wearing two ] at the same time is the new fashion trend, embraced by some iconic personalities.