What are The Tips to Crack GRE

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The graduate record examination GRE is an admission test for grad school to test your analytical writing, vocabulary, and quantitative reasoning. Most of the students find it difficult to decide how to start their study preparation. Some students prefer private tutors or personal coaching classes for preparing GRE and some others think that online preparation is better than others. Many other students believe that self-study will help them to crack the exam. GRE online preparation course is always a better option because it provides many facilities like the latest study material, you can track your performance, select study schedule, clear your doubts immediately, and many more.

The exam has been created to access the verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing. The GRE test is taken to test the knowledge of the student. If the student has an impressive score in GRE, he/she can have a benefit of international exposure and high profile career option. To do well in GRE, knowing the pattern and preparing well is the first step towards it.

Here are some tips to crack GRE-

  1. Practice tests – Practice questions in half an hour (20 questions in 30 mins). This will mimic test conditions and give you a feel for the exam. If you’re solving quant or verbal (sentence completion, sentence equivalence) then aim for 20 questions in 30 mins. If you’re solving verbal (reading comprehension) questions, then aim for 10 questions in 30 mins.

2. Focus on vocabulary – Study vocabulary regularly. Vocab is the key to cracking the verbal section.  Don’t just memorize what is present in the flashcard. Make sure you understand the application of the word in a sentence. It should be studied like this – you have to create a word file in which you have to write a note down the meanings of words that you did not know. You must Google the word and noted down a sentence where it was used as well. Then, once you have finished preparing, revise the word list.

3. Focus on essay writing and argument task – You have to spend too much time on GRE online prep of AWA (essay writing task and argument task). The essay task is usually abstract, and you have to write on a topic that is unfamiliar to you. It’s more about phrasing proper points and writing English properly than the actual content of the essay. The argument task is easy. Every argument is based on certain assumptions. You simply have to turn around each assumption and mention how that would weaken the argument. The AWA section (essay and argument task combined) gives you a score out of 6. If you score more than 3.5 out of 6, you’re good to go.

4. Focus equally on verbal and quant – Give equal weightage to verbal and quant. You may feel that you are better in quant, so you’ll score more in quant and less in verbal which will balance your score. This is not true. College cut-offs are like 150 for verbal and 155 for quant. So you have to focus on both equally.

Study pattern –

Practice questions in 30 min bursts take a break, practice questions in another 30 min burst, and so on. Once you get comfortable with the pattern, start solving questions in 1-hour bursts.

Study plan –

Study for 1-2 hours every day. On weekends put in 6 hours. Don’t study the day before the exam. Just revise vocab if you want to.

The foremost thing that you need to do is, make a routine. For example, if you are planning to start preparing for the GRE tests four or six months prior to your test, it is fantastic.

Apart from the above discussion, it is clear that online preparations have solved many complications of the students. All the GRE aspirants can clear their doubts anytime, it saves time and money too. This online facility eases the student’s life they can study when they want. You can get up-to-date data and do a lot of practice. So, what you are waiting for? With the best foot forward, start preparing for GRE online.

Conclusion – With consideration of the above every tip, one can qualify for a foreign university and achieve the dream.