Vital Timelines of Having Rutherford Car Accident Lawyer

Rutherford car accident lawyer
Rutherford car accident lawyer

It is quite common to feel overwhelmed and frustrated after being in a car accident. It might take time for you to understand and evaluate the extent of damage that you truly suffered from the process.

In certain cases, the injuries might not be present for quite some weeks post the accident or crash. Once these do surface, you may need to steel yourself for long and intensive medical attention.

With all the stuff going on, it may seem tempting to let go of finding a good Rutherford car accident lawyer or deferring the lawsuit or claim for damages.

However, the big question arises here, after how long can you claim damages for the above-mentioned injuries? A similar case is found to be heard in the case of the search of the appropriate NJ asbestos lawyertill how long can the case be filed and who can claim for such issues?

Understanding the New Jersey legal system and statute of limitations

The statute of limitations are the time limits that are applicable to a particular lawsuit. These are applied by a state government to encourage the aggrieved party to make their claim within a stipulated time frame. For instance – any good Rutherford car accident lawyer can inform you that you can make a claim for the personal injury lawsuits subject to the 2-year statute of limitations. This means that you merely have 2 years post the date from your accident to make a legal claim against the other party.

This also implies that if you make a claim post this time, your claim for the compensation and damages is forfeited. Therefore, it is recommended to have a good lawyer to look into your matter immediately post the accident.

Rutherford car accident lawyer
Rutherford car accident lawyer

What happens if I am a victim of industrial injuries or issue caused by asbestos exposure?

Firstly, having an appropriate NJ asbestos lawyer is crucial especially if you have been a victim of wrongful asbestos exposure. The same is known to cause issues like lung cancer, asbestosis, mesothelioma, etc.

Having to make a claim for compensation for any personal injury caused by the exposure to asbestos is available for individuals who have developed or have been diagnosed with asbestos related issue thereby causing a disability. The statute of limitations varies from state to state. It varies from around one to three years following the diagnosis of such an issue. The law relies heavily on the time of initial diagnosis in such a situation as it is observed that the symptoms can take around 15 to 50 years to establish.

Are there any exceptions to the statute of limitations?

As with every rule, there are also a few exceptions to the NJ statute of limitations. In certain instances, the deadline may be relaxed of the victim was a minor at the time of the injury. In such a case, the timeline begins once the individual attains the age of 18 years. This exception is observed in the case of dog bites.

Similarly, people who had a mental issue or disability at the time of injury but subsequently recovered can attain exceptions.