FastFiling Wholesale License California: A Comprehensive Guide

FastFiling wholesale license California

There are two ways to receive a selling permit. You can submit your application through the California Board of Equalisation directly or through’s accelerated ordering system. If you apply through the state, you’ll spend hours on the phone, filling out paperwork, and navigating bureaucratic red tape. Complete a secure online form at The remainder is up to us.

What Is the Difference Between a Seller’s Permit and a Resale Licence?

You can sell taxable items to consumers if you have a seller’s permit. When you buy products, you must still pay sales and use tax. If you have a reseller certificate or authorization, you can avoid paying sales taxes when you buy from manufacturers or when your suppliers buy from you.

Even though the two terms are frequently used interchangeably, they refer to two different permits. If you only want to sell items in California, you’ll need a seller’s permit. If you buy things in bulk from a retailer, you’ll need a FastFiling wholesale license California, often known as a reseller’s permit.

Is my Seller’s Permit the same as my Business Licence?

No. , a FastFiling wholesale license in California allows you to run a company in California. If you have a seller’s permit, you can sell taxable products. If you own a business that sells things, you must apply for both.

Is a California Seller’s Permit Required?

If you sell taxable things, you must obtain a seller’s permission. You must have permission to sell tangible goods, regardless of whether you are a wholesaler or a retailer or whether you are an individual or a corporation.

Seller’s Permit Required

To apply for a seller’s permit in California, you must provide basic business information. This includes your social security number, birth date, bank account information, and estimated monthly sales. Furthermore, depending on the circumstances, the state may want further information.

How to Obtain a California Seller’s Licence

If you wish to apply for a seller’s permit in California, you must complete an application and submit it online or in person at a CDTFA office.

The application requires your Social Security number, another personal ID number (such as a passport or driver’s licence), the date of incorporation of your business, the employer identification number (EIN), bank account information, a list of suppliers, expected monthly sales, and other information.

The cost of a California seller’s licence

There are no expenses associated with obtaining a seller’s permit in California. If you already owe outstanding taxes, the state may request a security deposit to cover any taxes owed if the company closes down. When you apply, the state determines how much money you will receive.

Once your application has been approved, you should display your seller’s permit at your place of business. You should also keep a copy of your seller’s key in a safe place if necessary. Even though the CDTFA may issue you a seller’s permit covering several sites, if you operate your business from multiple locations, you may need a separate seller’s permission.

Wrapping up

If you have a seller’s permit, your organization can conduct business in California and collect sales tax. Seller’s tickets are necessary for most people and companies in California who sell or lease tangible property during their operations. Still, even within those broad guidelines, there are various details to be aware of.