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unique engagement rings

Diamond Designs is the best jewelry store to go to if you are in the market for unique diamond engagement rings! They are located in Orange, Connecticut in New Haven County. Diamond Designs is a small local business that is family owned and they sell various types of jewelry ranging from rings to earrings to pendants! Diamond Designs specializes in sales of unique diamond engagement rings. Some of the brands they carry for engagement rings are Ritani, Simon G., and Gabriel & Co. Diamond Designs only carries the best diamond engagement rings for its customers because they care about the customers and the experience they have buying these elegant and timeless engagement rings. They want the customer to enjoy the process of finding the perfect diamond engagement ring and they want to offer them the best quality rings around. The styles range from classic to unique designs that the customer can create themself! Through the specific brands Diamond Designs offers, many customer leave the store satisfied and extremely excited about their purchases! The staff enjoy helping the customers find the perfect ring and always work above and beyond to make the customers buying experience memorable. In conclusion, Diamond Designs is the best place to go to if you are in the market for a diamond engagement ring because they give you the best service and the best quality merchandise!

Romanoff jewelers

If you are a Milford resident and are searching for Romanoff Jewelers, consider Diamond Designs instead! Diamond Designs is a small family-owned business located in Orange, CT. We have many specialties, including jewelry design, sales, watch repairs, and most importantly customer satisfaction. Romanoff just can’t offer the type of services we do at an incredible cost and with incredible quality!We work with many watch brands and designers which provides us a love for timeless pieces as well as the art of watchmaking. This helps us earn the loyalty of our customers. We provide impeccable attention to detail and also create such a welcoming atmosphere for customers that there is no other place that people want to shop for jewelry. No matter how challenging the job we will always repair jewelry to the best of our abilities as we are all highly trained experts here. We always give the customers the best service possible. Diamond Designs is always reasonable when it comes to prices and will not pressure any customer to commit to any job. All we want for our Milford residents is the best for their jewelry needs. Our love and passion for jewelry and watches is crystal clear the moment you enter through our doors, creating no doubt that we will take pride in repairing your jewelry and are able to get any watch working like new again. If you live in Milford and have heard about Romanoff, please come and visit Diamond Designs instead and make us your hometown jeweler!