Basic Baby Clothes Every New Parent Should Have

baby clothing
Image Source: Pexels

Shopping for baby clothes is an exciting experience especially for the new parents. There are so much cute stuffs you could choose from, making it confusing which one to buy. Buying clothes for your little one is just like preparing a wardrobe for a whole new being in our life. However, baby clothes are just a lot different from what grown-ups regularly wear.

When shopping for your newborn, it is important that you know the basic pieces to avoid missing out on the wardrobe essentials. Shop wisely with these essential baby clothing pieces every new parent should invest in.


Bodysuits, also called as onesies, are one of the most versatile clothing pieces for babies. They look like a shirt on the top part and snaps on the crotch part of the garment. Parents just love the convenience of this garment because it makes diaper changes a lot easier, there’s no need to remove the whole outfit to get a diaper change. You can also pull the entire onesie down your baby’s body rather than overhead when changing clothes, especially when there’s a major diaper leak.


baby clothing
Image Source: Pexels

Kimono Tops

Kimono tops make outfit changes easier and more convenient. This type of garment has side ties or snaps that keep the clothing in place. When your little one is still getting used to dressing up, you can make this experience less stressful for him or her because there’s no need to pull the garment over baby’s head. Simply lay the garments open and flat, put your baby on it, slip his arms on the sleeves then secure it by tying it on the sides. You can choose from sleeveless, short or even long-sleeved versions of this one, depending on the season or your baby’s preference.


Keeping your baby cozy and warm during bedtime is the key in giving them better sleep. Sleepers or footies are one-piece sleepwear that are just so comfy not to have. They have a similar style to bodysuits however, the leg and foot part are covered for more warmth. Sleepers open in front through zippers, snaps or buttons making outfit and diaper changes a lot easier even at night.


Even if you had your baby in the middle of summer season, baby beanies are still one of the basic garments you need for your little one. Babies, especially newborns get cold easily. Putting a comfy beanie on their head helps regulate their body temperature, keeping them warm and comfortable wherever you are. You can chose styles that ties a knot on the tip, making it adjustable as the baby grows bigger.


Aside from beanie, baby socks are also essential in keeping your baby warm when you’re in cold places. Be sure to get ones that have sturdy elastic tops to make it hard for our little one to kick off. These items can get misplaced easily since they are very small that’s why it is best to get several pairs with the same colours.

With these basic baby garment pieces, shopping for your little one is a lot easier.