Reasons Why Your Small Business Requires a Corporate Investigator


Many people want to think the best of others and not view the world as a place that’s full of fraud, corruption, and dishonesty. Unfortunately, in today’s world, small companies and even big brands are calling for expert advice and assistance as they are concerned with such threats. Risks like false resumes, fake companies, infidelity, investment scams, corporate espionage, and hundreds of other threats do exist, and companies need the help of private investigators to help gather evidence, research, and minimize the risk so that the company and the employees are protected. It’s better to be safe than sorry and get down to the facts, here are some of the reasons why your business needs to hire a private investigator.

Background checks-

A business is similar to a person – both have a past, a culture, and interact with a lot of clients everyday. However, you may not see certain risks and liabilities that may hit your business at any time, private investigators can research and find out about your clients and other businesses you work with as well as your employees and can deliver evidence that you’re doing business with a reputable entity. When you hire new employees, you need to take into account the reputation and ranking of your brand, as bringing in the wrong employee can have bad consequences.

Most brands do not do adequate background checks on their employees but a PI is highly trained and experienced and thus able to carry out proper background checks like a criminal background test, an employment and contingent workforce verification, personal references, education and credit reports, drug and health screening and much more. This will save you a lot of time and money from conducting it yourself and will mitigate the risk of hiring candidates who maybe involved in fraud, abuse, and criminal activity.

Business investigations-

A private investigator will help you to conduct a number of business investigations like the legitimacy of your business partner, if a merger makes sense, if there is fraud or embezzlement in your company, as well as intellectual property, criminal inquiries, financial searches, integrity testing, security checks, and much more. Most of this will depend on the kind of business you are in and will save you a lot of time and money to ensure that your brand is safe and not headed for a lawsuit. A private investigator can also help with corporate investigations from audits to brand monitoring as well as ensuring that your competitors are not taking advantage of your brand. This can help you as a growing brand.


A corporate investigation will use specific surveillance to observe a person, your business premises, vehicle, a location, and even a person’s home or office – all these documentations can then be used in the future. The reports can come as written ones, recorded ones, photographs, or audio and uses sound techniques by PIs who use state-of-the-art technology to get you what you require. They will gather any evidence of things that can hurt your brand or prove a suspicion like employee theft, workers compensation, disability claims, drug abuse, abuse of sick leave, product tampering, embezzlement, and more. A PI is extremely patient and will work for a very long time to get you the information you need.

Employee compliance-

In today’s complex business world, owners need companies to ensure that their employees act respectably, lawfully, and avoidany kind of bad behavior. A fraud investigation team will help you to look into employee compliance. They will help you to check an employee’s background and past history as well as identify problems beforehand before they translate into costly mistakes. These investigators can also keep lawsuits at bay whether they are government or private ones. Better still, they ensure that all your employees are compliant and ensure that the operations are carried out at an optimal level and the employees have conformed to all the laws and regulations of the company.

The Bottom Line-

A professional investigator offers many reliable services to help your company out in every situation, right from criminal cases to infidelity to background checks, and ensure that your company is safeguarded. When picking a PI service, be careful to do your research and go in for a company that is trusted, reliable, and there for you when you need them.