Pro Tips Help You to Choose Reliable Packers and Movers in Mumbai


Shifting from one destination to another is a difficult task. Searching and hiring for the best packers and movers in Mumbai are even more difficult, especially when you are searching in the cities like Mumbai. Mumbai is the largest planned city and is situated on the western coast of the Indian subcontinent which is in Maharashtra. With the wider population, you will get many different packing and moving companies in Mumbai. So some are genuine and some are fraud. If you hire a fraud company then you might have to face some loss and some other types of unprofessional problems. It could be difficult for you to find genuine and reliable movers and packers in Mumbai.

We know hiring the right movers and packers in Mumbai is hectic and risky also if you hire through Householdpackers then definitely you will book a genius house shifting service of Mumbai. To avoid all the mishandling, late delivery, unprofessional behaviour, damages, misplacement of belongings, etc. then you need to follow our tips to hiring professional packers and movers in Mumbai.

  •  Check the Packers and Movers Credentials twice 

Before hiring any packer and mover in Mumbai you need to correctly verify the details of the moving company. You can verify the companies details online by checking their website, their office details or contact details, and which type of business license a company is having, all these things you can check before hiring them. Also, you need to check some of the Govt. of India documents like owner’s ID proof, and company registration, GST Number, Approval if they have any or any other official documents. Make sure that the packers and movers are capable of providing home shifting services in Mumbai according to your requirement. Before hiring the packers and movers in Mumbai you need to visit their office location once for confirmation and verification. Also, you need to check what type of office a company is having and what standards they are using. You need to analyses everything before hiring.

  • Investigate Packers and Movers Reviews and Check Ratings 

Before hiring the home relocation company in Mumbai, you need to check their past records because these records help us to know more about the company and tell about the services standards of the company. We know every company is not perfect. Sometimes we don’t get promising services and it might not get all the services accurately.  So It is essential to check old customers’ feedback about the company’s services. For that, you can go through reviews and ratings of the movers and packers. Online you can read the reviews of packers and movers on the different reviewing sites like Google, Mouthshut, Facebook, etc. all these sites will provide you the genuine reviews of the packing and moving services in Mumbai. You also check the rating also. It is advisable to hire a company which has 4.5 or 5 ratings.

  • Contrast Packers and Movers Charges, Services

Before hiring any packers and movers of Mumbai you need to ask for the cost estimation from relocation companies which you have chosen. You need to ask for the cost estimations from at least 4-5 companies. When you get the estimation cost list you will find all companies. Prices of moving services vary from each other and they have estimated the charging according to your house shifting requirements. You need to compare the prices of at least 4-5 home shifting companies and you need to deeply check their offered services before taking any type of decision about the packers and movers of Mumbai. We know cheaper movers and packers charges will attract you, but you should never opt for low-cost services because these companies use cheap tactics for the lower rates. When you hire them, at that time might you have to face unwanted problems like fraud or poor-quality services, mishandling of the items which will lead to huge loss and later it will become expensive.

  • Check Hidden Costs

After making your mind for the household shifting company Mumbai, then make sure there will be no hidden costs in their price list and ensure that every detail of the list is crystal clear to you. If anything is not clear then ask relocation company agents if you have any doubt and ask if this list is their final list. Always negotiate with the company for a better price or deal. You need to carefully check paperwork before signing any type of deal. It is advisable that never straightaway sign the documents, always read the agreement carefully before signing it. If you take care of this thing in advance then you will not face any confusion in the future.

  • Team

You need to check what type of staff or employees they have whether they are on the payroll or hired from a 3rd party. All genuine movers and packers in Mumbai have their own team or employees instead of hiring from a third party.

  • Service guarantee

Check about the service quality they provide. Reputed movers and packers in Mumbai never hide anything from the client and they will maintain transparency in their services and they provide all the details to the clients about both service guarantees and customer support. They don’t have any hidden charges.

  • Insurance

You need to check whether the moving company is providing insurance cover for your precious households. This cover will provide you protection in all such conditions such as theft, accident, damage, natural disaster etc. with the insurance cover you will not face any financial loss in any condition.