9 Money Harming Facts No Web Designing Company will Spill on Your Face


A compelling and featured-loaded website is no more an option but a necessity. A poorly built website throws businesses to lose, harming all the money invested. To save on money and complete control over the website, tons of business owners prefer to build the website on their own. Unfortunately, they are not about the benefits of a well-designed website. They sometimes even run a web designing company offering a big package at a small price, which is a trap to gain the sight of the owners. Get Capital One Shopping to become a power-saver at Weebly.

Web designing is a form of art. Same as art, your webpage should provide an ultimate experience to the user or viewer. Web design is meant basically to combine both form and function in the correct way giving users the platform of an interesting, navigable, usable and enjoyable base. To make this happen, there are some of the spoken and unspoken rules that a web designing agency should follow to give the customer an attractive and easy-to-navigate layout. Some of the companies do not follow these rules, hence land to the structuring of not so easy to operate and navigate websites. 

In this article, we have jotted down all the major mistakes that a web design company makes to make the web design building process easier for you. 

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1.Stuffing Your Website

There are a lot of things that are not relevant to the motive of your business on the website. This makes the website look too stuffed and when a visitor visits your website, they’ll leave as soon as they find nothing relevant on the landing page of the website. Also, a website with lots of images, data, text and videos and more will come more to load, hence harming the user experience. Avoid employing busy website templates to maintain the versatility of the website. 

2.Even Less is Not Enough

A website that does not have anything written or uploaded on it is another problem. Having less or no content on the website gives the customer the wrong impression about the business. Your visitors want to know about you and your business before making any purchase. Hence, furnishing them with a piece of proper information must be the focus. Depending on the simple templates with no clear picture will leave your visitors guessing, which is not good.

3.Too Confusing

Somewhere between too much and too less, you are stuck in between. That can be termed as a “confused brand” website. Here you are confused between choosing the images, themes, colour palettes, typefaces and multiple aspects. This occurs because of many reasons, when you are not sure about your brand motive and rely on multiple types of designs. This can also happen when you are trying to convey a lot of ideas through your websites as individual elements rather than holistically. When designing a website stick to one logo, one typeface and stay focused on all aspects of your website.

4.A Terrible CTA

Your call to action (CTA) is a gateway to your business. It makes your customers make that one click that will help your business to gain profits. Something like, get a coupon, a discount or whatever adds a lot of power to your website. Obviously, your CTA lets your visitors know what they should do. The information on the website should be enough to let the visitors know what they have to do or take action on. Ensure your CTA guides customers and looks helpful and concise. Make the form shorter and allow the customers to see the pop-up after a minute of reviewing your website.

5.Not Right Use of Whitespace and Content

Content is the most important part of your marketing campaigns and so is for your website. Content informs the readers or visitors about your business offerings and your ultimate goals. Focus more on the font size and font of the content and where to use it correctly.

Typeface communicates about your brand image in addition to real words you have written, so ensure to pick an attractive and legible font. Use whitespace to make eyes rolling around your site & make large text blocks less intimidating. Stuffing the website with a lot of text is the biggest mistake many people make. Break the text, use visuals more to show a clear picture of your offerings to the viewers. Hire Web Developer that keeps on updating your content regularly otherwise this will make your customer think you have gone out of business. 

  1. Irrelevant or Ugly Images

Graphics and photos are also the most important parts of web design. What most web designing companies do is use unpaid copyrighted images for your website which might harm your website badly. Many of the businesses also use irrelevant or inexplicit pictures or low-quality pictures. Images with low quality will muck up the business website turning off the visitors. Likewise, images that are not relevant will confuse the audience, creating the wrong impact on your business.

7.Neglecting Your Target

As a small and individual business owner, you should know the importance of your target audience. You must have invested your hours in creating customer profiles and bringing out ways to attract the consumer. This is the base of web design. The look and structure of your website will automatically attract a certain group of visitors. Some websites are highly professional, some are fun and bubbly, while others are trendy and hip. Sometimes, a website tries to speak to a group audience. Do not merge multiple niches in your website and know your business to make the website attractive and friendly.

8.Wrong Ads Location

Advertising is the most important part of the web design circle, especially when it is done for a blogging website where it is the main income stream. And, did you know too many ads on your website might frustrate your visitors and make you lose on the profits? Yes, if there are too many ads running on the website and they are not placed rightly then it will end up losing the customer base. So, it is important to analyze your ads and place them right on the website. Also, pay more attention to pop-ups. When they are coming again and again on the screen, ensure they are easy to close and do not capture more areas of the website.

9.The Mess of Colors

The colors play the most important role in making the website. Even the best website builder of everything perfect can lack in the game because of the wrong placement of colors. Colors leave a great impression on the visitors, so while getting your website built do not rely on a web design company on colors solely, get things done in a better way.

It’s a Wrap!

We hope the above listed points will help you to save your money while getting your website build. It is hard to find a web design company that offers everything the way you and search engines or users want, hence hunting for a brand that will help you in building the out-of-the-box website with ease. If you are looking for one then we are just a call away to help you in getting your work done with less hustle and a lot of saving. Connect with us now!