Help Children to Obey Social Distancing


Coronavirus (COVID-19) is currently transmitted across populations in several countries. It was essentially launched in December 2019 from the city of Wuhan, China and has now spread almost all over the world. According to the official website of, which analyzes the condition where about 2000,000 active cases in the world are 500,000 rescued cases and it often spreads every day. The main thing to avoid this degree of virus dissemination is that everyone has to exercise social distancing and stay home.

Social Distancing

Protection, Prevention of Coronavirus Covid-19

Social distancing holds people out of vacuum. It lets people remain healthy from those already sick with some illness. When people stay away from others, no one else will transfer the infection on to an infected person. Much fewer people get sick at the same time because of social distancing and it is simpler for the health authorities to manage the problem. For almost 2 weeks, sick individuals will live at a distance from others. It says they quarantine for 2 weeks themselves.

Social Distancing Means

  • You don’t have to go outside unless you need to. You can go for the things you need including buying food and getting medical care.
  • Need to shutter schools, stores, markets or other locations where people meet.
  • If possible you’ll need to work from home.
  • Should not use public transit from buses, taxis and rideshares.
  • Better safe than sorry over these days, which means having your family home away from others. Don’t host friends or go home because people looking good may get sick and spread the virus. That’s why keeping away from others is necessary, even though they do not seem sick.
  • Make sure you’re at least 6 feet (2 meters) away from others if you decide to head out. The virus will swell if anyone is sneezing or coughing. These droplets typically don’t move more than 6 feet until they collapse to the earth. Also, follow the recommendation of the CDC to wear a fabric face cover (or face mask, if you have one).
  • You have to take every step when caring for someone who’s ill. It is necessary to keep the person away from others.

Few steps to help you understand the emotional gap between your kids. We’re all working together to battle this enemy. First, you need to educate the kids about this tiny dimension. When we personify issues that are hard to comprehend, the children react well. You need to explain to the kids that if we don’t work against it together this adversary will become more strong. For starters, you just say we’re going to fight together now to stop this virus from spreading and good news that this virus can’t move too far away.

Stay In touch

As we talk to our children about this fact, we will clear up the issues we ignore during this war. We prefer to sit alone or far away from others, for example, we can’t kiss or shake hands to stop going to each other’s house. Yet on the web, we will speak to each other, write letters and then send photos via email.

Keep your Children Busy

Children get consolation in realizing that their emotional responses are not alone. They are definitely picking up on how strange things sound, how different things are now from their everyday lives and usual framework. Pointing it out using plain words, and understanding that everyone thinks the same, would do a lot to control their emotional response.

Many things are still the same

Throughout these days, when we understand how many things are done right now and tend to call attention to the same issues. This makes children understand that there are still plenty of familiar and identifiable aspects of their lives. They still enjoy Paw Patrol, or Frozen 2, or video games, on Saturdays they still get chocolate chip pancakes for tea, they still need to brush their teeth. And they are always as cherished as ever — actually, even more so.

Give them more Value

Children show their tension in various ways: throwing further tantrums, becoming more moody, irritable or insolent, or hiding in a particular place, such as vocabulary or potty training. But if your kids ever show they’re concerned, you need to give them more ideals, hug them, and know it’s all right.

Activities with children

Think positively, speak to your kids about the latest innovations where experts are working tirelessly to discover the best drugs and vaccines, physicians and other healthcare staff, police and grocery shops to support us all.

Source of Communications

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