Everything You Need To Know About Volvo Service

Volvo Service
Volvo Service

Owning a car shouldn’t be complicated. It should be as easy and enjoyable as possible. High-end cars like Volvo are equipped with the best safety, comfort, tech & sound, styling, and performance features.  Authorized Volvo service centers offer a high standard of repair and maintenance. Their service includes everything you need to get the most out of life with your Volvo. They have Volvo-certified technicians to ease your life and enhance the longevity of your Volvo car.

What Are The Benefits Of Getting Your Volvo Serviced? 

  • Warranty And Lifetime Parts: Availing Volvo service from a certified dealer will help you to get a warranty and lifetime parts. You will be required to pay only once for such maintenance costs and will be able to reap the benefits of high standard parts. However, the lifetime warranty doesn’t extend to consumable parts of your car.
  • Complimentary Software Update: Volvo constantly upgrades and modifies their car software. Every time you walk into a Volvo centre to get your car serviced, they will update your vehicle’s operating systems to the latest software.
  • Car Wash: After completion of your car service, the Volvo service professionals will thoroughly clean your car. They will not only enhance the interiors of your car but will also care for the exterior of your car. So, you will always get your vehicle back cleaner than when you left it.
  • Roadside Assistance: Authorized Volvo service centers offer you round-the-clock protection against everything from accidents to breakdowns to a lost set of keys. After every service, they extend your Volvo Assistance for an extra period of 12 months with no additional cost. However, this benefit can be enjoyed by cars with a lifespan of a maximum of 6 years. It
  • Personal Service Contact: Volvo service centers will introduce you to your very own personal service contact to answer any query related to your car and offer support and advice if needed.
  • Alternative Transport: The service centers offer you an alternative transport to help you go about your day when your car is in for service, without the need to change your schedules.
  • Health Check Of Your Car: They carry out a health check of your car by a thorough inspection of your Volvo’s safety systems as well as checking the status of your battery to be on a safer side.
  • Genuine Service: This feature you will get only at a genuine Volvo service center. Only an authorized center can give you a combination of genuine parts, expert technicians, and innovative service methods to enhance the longevity of your car.
  • Tailor-made Services: The authorized Volvo service center offer services designed to suit you whether it’s cleaning your upholstery, repairing a cracked windscreen, changing a tire.
Volvo Service
Volvo Service

What Are The Volvo Services Offered?

A professional Volvo car service will clean the parts and accessories of your car, including door panels, windows, and outdoor rims. They will also treat the leather and textiles of your car.

Their expert technicians will also check and clean your car’s climate control system and any minor faults so that you always enjoy the perfect in-car climate and the risk of substantial future repairs is reduced. They also offer out-of-the-world wheel services. They know the best tires and rims for your Volvo model, the right wheel alignment, and the ideal condition of your Volvo tires.

Routine Volvo Services Include: 

  • Oil Filter
  • Engine oil
  • Air Filter
  • Washer Fluid
  • AC filter
  • Steering oil
  • Fuel Filter
  • Brake fluids and pads
  • Battery Water
  • Sunroof
  • Wheel Alignment and Balance
  • Diagnosis and Scanning
  • General inspection of all Volvo car parts

What Is The Cost Of Getting A Volvo Service? 

Volvo’s are quite affordable when it comes to maintenance and repairs. The cost of Volvo Services is less than other higher-end brand cars like Audi. The cost of Volvo Service depends on the location, dealer, age, and mileage of your car.


Volvo service, when done from the right dealer, will be transparent and cost-effective. Ensure that your dealer is providing 100% genuine parts and don’t settle for cheap local repair persons.