Common problems faced by students while E-learning:

Common problems faced by students while E-learning

Every student knows the hassle of studying online. They find it difficult to even consider it like their regular classes which used to take place in school, in a controlled environment. But with the Coronavirus, the world was brought to a halt, and all classes were then taken online. Students found it difficult to work from home, so they got professional help to get their essay writing service UK. In some countries of the world, schools have started to re-open, which is making the teachers and parents concerned as to how they will manage everything. The students will not be able to follow all the SOP’s, especially younger children and college/university students who live in dorms. They cannot maintain a distance of 6ft all the time, and neither can they wear a mask all day every day. Taking these problems into consideration, a lot of schools have decided to opt for a hybrid model. Most lectures will be delivered online, while only a few of them will be held on campus. While this model is something a lot of parents can get behind, it has become an enormous struggle or students to learn via online classes.

The students find it difficult to concentrate during online lectures, and they lose their focus quite quickly. Not just that, but they cannot seem to find a routine which works well for them and will help them get right back on track like they used to be when they had to go to school. We fail to understand how huge this problem is because a lot of the older generation has never experienced this. We all used to go to campus and take our classes there and then spend the weeknights studying and weekends partying. While all this sounds okayish and doable to us, it is not for the students who have a lot to do. Significantly, the ones who have jobs or other responsibilities. They are the ones who are finding e-learning to be complicated. And since this virus doesn’t plan on leaving any time soon, we need to identify the problems students are facing and then highlight them so they can make the upcoming semester fruitful for themselves.

Major problems faced by students in online classes:

  • Time Management:

When we talk about E-learning, the first problem students have to face are issues related to time. They are unable to understand how to keep their school life and personal life separate since they are stuck at home. They cannot make time for classes, since the pressure to wake up early and get ready is not there. There are no worries about missing the bus or getting late on your commute, which makes the students oversleep. It also makes them go to bed late since they have this feeling of vacations, as they are in their homes. And once you are stuck in the house for a couple of months, you will find it difficult to distinguish between weekend and weekdays. That is what’s happening to these kids as they are unable to understand when to wake up and when to take a class. It is just one massive mess. If you have this issue, make a schedule and then stick to it as it will help you be more punctual and aligned.

  • Distractions:

Our homes are not made for studying for long. When students are at home studying, they find a lot of things distracting them and making them lose their focus from the subject matter at hand. If you have a quick look around the room you are in, you will find that there are your storybooks, your accessories, games, toys and electronic devices which you always used to associate with fun. Now sitting in the middle of all those distractions, you cannot ask anyone to study since that is a task which is near to impossible. If you do get distracted, on the weekend, try clearing out your room and removing all such stuff which makes you lose your focus. Try getting your desk in front of a wall, so you face nothing but a blank wall. It will be more convenient since there will be nothing to make you lose focus and trail away to your thoughts.

  • Online classes are boring:

One thing we all need to consider is that online classes aren’t fun. Mainly, because there is no human interaction, it is just the instructor delivering the lecture, and there is no class participation like it used to be when there were physical classes. It makes the students feel lethargic and sluggish since it is just one-way communication. Any query that they might have goes unanswered, or they type it in while the teacher is giving their lecture. The teacher then reads and answers. A situation where the student doesn’t even get the opportunity to explain their query is terrible, and it is not feasible in the long run.

  • Motivation:

Since the students are not getting recognition for their work or participation, they are losing the motivation to work. Plus, all the lectures, assignments, and quizzes are now being held online, which makes it easier for the students to get them done by others. Since no physical classes are going on right now, students can sleep or do whatever they want during the course. It’s not like they will have detention to go to later on. It makes it difficult for students to be motivated while learning.  To overcome this issue, make sure you reward yourself for good behaviour. Save your sweet treats for times when you do well. It will condition your mind to stay motivated as it will associate treats with good behaviour.

  • Lack of resources:

A lot of students do not even have the proper resources to study from home. In a house where there are three children, parents are finding it impossible to arrange new computers for everyone so they can all take their classes at the same time. Even the parents are working from home, which makes the internet slow while the house gets overcrowded. To avoid this issue, ask around and see if you can borrow someone’s spare phone or computer. Use it only for your classes, so you do not have to spend any extra money.

While working and studying from home is difficult, it is the need of the hour and is the only option for now. So, until things get better, buckle up and try making the best of this situation.