Why we use tracking software for kid’s safety?

tracking software for kids safety

Tracking software these days is necessary for parents in particular. You may wonder while reading my post, but you need to think for a while whether your teens are obsessed with the cellphone devices connected to the internet or not. I am sure about it that your kids are used to using social messaging apps, make live phone calls, and sent/receive text messages and many other activities. The cellphone and social messaging apps features are quite appealing for young users, and they get involved in plenty of inappropriate activities.

Teens get involved in online dating, watch carnal content, and encounter with stalkers cyber bullies, and with sex-offenders. Therefore, parents have reservations about kid’s online activities on cellphone devices. So, they have no option but to use a tracking app track a phone on kid’s digital devices.

What is tracking software?

It is an application that you can use to track teens by using it on their cellphones, tablets, PCs, and computer devices running with different operating systems. You can further get access to the online control panel and use its features, screen recorder, view installed apps, call recording, surround recorder, screenshots, screenshots –on demand, camera bug, Mic Bug, and block websites. You can use exclusive features, IM’s call recording, live surround listening, live camera streaming, and keystrokes logger for android, windows location tracker, and many more.

You can use these features on your teen’s cellphones, PCs, and computer devices. Every single feature is functional and capable of monitoring activities happening on the target device. The application is user –friendly and lets you discover all the hidden activities teens are doing on the digital devices. For more details, you can discuss and ask your quires with its customer support center.


It is compatible with contemporary mobiles, tablets, PCs, and laptop desktop computer devices. Users can use it on Android, Windows, and MAC devices secretly and the application is capable of remains hidden on the target device.

How to install a monitoring app?

Suppose you are one of those parents whose kids are obsessed with the digital devices connected to cyberspace and spend most of the time on social media and get bullied stalkers and have hookups with the stranger, then install TheOneSpy. You should have access to the webpage and get the subscription following the OS of the target device. You will get the credentials, and you need to login to the email inbox and get the password and ID. Now you need to get the physical access on the target device and get started with the process of installation. Once you have completed the setup on the target device of your child, and then activate it on the target device. Now you can use the password and ID and get access to the online web control panel of the tracking app for cellphone and visit the features. You can use the features and get to know about the activities of the children.

Tracking software Features for cellphone, PCs & computer to safeguard kids

Screen recorder

It is a kind of tool that you can use on cellphones, tablets, and computers and on laptop desktop PCs to record screen in real-time in terms of back to back short videos of the screen. You just need to activate screen recording. You can see the recorded videos having access to the online dashboard.

Call recording

Users can use the secret call recorder of tracking apps for mobile phones and record live incoming and outgoing calls and save the data on the online dashboard.

IM’s social media

You can get access to the target device remotely, once you have activated on the target device social media messenger tracker. It empowers you to get the logs of messages, conversations, audio-video calls, media, and voice messages.

View installed application

Users can view all the installed applications on cellphones and PCs using a tracking app for windows and get the complete list of the apps alongside the names.


Users can capture applied keystrokes on windows and cellphones using keylogger software. Users can get passwords, messages, messenger, and email keystrokes.

Camera Bug

User can use tracking software for Mac to get control over MIC to capture photos and send to the dashboard.

Block websites

Users can remotely block all the inappropriate websites on the teen’s MAC device by putting the URLs into filters.

Mic Bug

Users can remotely control the target device MIC to record and listen to the surroundings of the MAC computer.


TheOneSpy cell phone spy app is the best tool for parents that they use for the online safety of the children from online predators and to prevent them from inappropriate activities. It has the power to monitor the digital devices of kids like phones, tablets, PCs, and laptop desktop devices to the fullest. It keeps parents up to date all the time.