why visit to the urologist is so important

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There is present a constant trend whereby men tend to ignore their health, specifically pertaining to their sex organs. But as Samuel L. Jackson will tell all the men, it’s important for you to be careful about your health.

 Whereas his campaign, ‘One for the Boys’ is specifically aimed for cancer awareness in men, the purpose it serves can be extrapolated to include other problems that all men, and their groin.

 Unfortunately, men are not comfortable talking about their problems affecting their nether regions. Perhaps it’s the expectation of the butch man that they are to take everything in stride, whether it be career problems or cancer.

 However, it is an extremely bad practice. The ailments affecting the reproductive and the renal system in men can be not just painful, but also, lead to long-term damage. Many times, men make their way to their urologist in Lahore only after the disease becomes terminal.

 This totally unnecessary expectation of manhood then costs men their lives. Thus, it is pertinent that men pay heed to their health. It is even more important for older men that they regularly visit their urologist. There are numerous ailments that specifically afflict men and can cause them duress.

 A visit to the urologist is helpful for treating not just a wide range of generic ailments, but issues specifically pertaining to men.

 Prostate Problems 

The prostate gland is located in the periphery of the bladder and the rectum. It plays a part in male reproductive and sexual health, and unfortunately, does not respond well to age.

 Men after their 40s are more likely to suffer from an enlarged prostate, which then causes urination problems. Symptoms include frequent urination –which can be a real pain at night—alongside having a weak stream.

 Some men may also have problems starting, and may also suffer from urinary incontinence, which is a state in which a person loses bladder control. Since enlarged prostate is fairly common and easy to treat, men should visit their urologist and end their ordeal.

 Prostatitis is also amongst the common prostate issues as well. It occurs due to infection in the prostate, which then leads to inflammation. Prostatitis can be extremely painful and distressing as well.

 In case of acute bacterial prostatitis, men need immediate medical care, such grave is this problem. An intervention by the urologist can therefore help patients improve their prognosis.

 Perhaps most concerning is prostate cancer. As it does not present symptoms in the initial stages, men are not aware of the disease until it spreads to the rest of the body, or it comes to a more complicated stage.

 Men should therefore visit their urologist for prostate cancer screening. PSA is a blood test that is generally conducted during screenings. This test helps doctors ascertain the risk factors of their patients. Men who get themselves screened are actually saving their own life!

 Sexual health

Men are sensitive about their sexual prowess. This is why they feel embarrassed discussing issues pertaining to their performance problems.

 Whereas some men suffer from impotence and erectile issues from early on in their lives, others are riddled with them due to old age.

 Erectile dysfunction is fairly amongst middle-aged men. Not only do stress factors play a vital role; after all, there is a reason why the mid-life crisis is popular rhetoric, but other health problems like diabetes and hypertension start appearing by this point as well.

 Consequently, ED ensues, which can make men feel rather embarrassed. And in attempts to preserve their ego, they miss out on so much in their lives.

 A urologist can help men gain back their sexual health. There are several medicines that help men with ED. Not only that but there are also implants available as well. Your doctor can also ascertain low testosterone levels to be the culprit and prescribe testosterone replacement drugs that can then help you get better.

 Reproductive Health

Having, or not having a baby is completely the couple’s choice. But in this decision, your urologist, yes, a urologist, can be of help.

 Many men are not able to enjoy sex with their partners from the fear of accidental pregnancy. Some have called it a day for having more kids and are unable to handle more surprises.

 In some instances, couples forgo having a baby due to genetics and the risk of disease. Thus, the implications of an accidental pregnancy can be rather bleak, causing undue stress to the men.

 They should, rather than continuously stressing over the matter with their birth control options, as nothing is 100%, simply, nip it in the bud by visiting the Best urologist in Karachi for a vasectomy. It is a safe, quick, and permanent solution to reproductive issues!