Why Laravel and Vue is the best Frontend and Backend? Advantages of Laravel and Vue based Web Application

Laravel and Vue

To make a perfect application, it’s always really important to pick the best technology stack. Clients frequently ask us about it for a recommendation. We have always faced questions like, “Do we really have to use a Frontend Framework?  “Which is the best front end or backend? ”

Laravel and Vue.js have been recommended so many times by our technical experts. Today, we’ll explore the benefits of Laravel, a web application built on Vue. Let’s first find out about Laravel and Vue.js before we jump into the benefits.

What is Larvel?

Laravel has risen the fastest. It is the PHP Framework most popular since 2013. Initially, it was released in the year 2011. Taylor Otwell created the Vision. Laravel has the largest number of stars from its developers in Github than any other PHP framework. As of now, it has over 61,500 stars. It is best known for security, routing, caching, sessions and authentication. Laravel follows the Model Architecture – View – Controller.


What is Vue.Js

In GitHub, Vue.js is the most popular Frontend Frameworks that left React.js, Angular far behind. It received 171k stars from its developers. In the year 2014, Vue was first published. It was created by Evan You. Evan has also worked with Google on a variety of projects using Angular.js. In Angular.js, Evan removed the portion that he wanted, then implemented a lightweight solution, called Vue.js.

Advantages of Laravel and Vue based Web Application:

1. Single Page Application in Laravel & Vue

We create the ideal single page applications (SAP) using Vue.js as the frontend technology, and Laravel as the backend technology, operating inside the browser, and not reloading the whole screen. All resources such as HTML, CSS, Scripts are loaded only once in a SPA, so it does not reload pages for changes to the Part. It just transmits data back and forth. In a SPA there is also no waiting period and it draws more users to the app. The best thing is Native Mobile Apps can easily use the Backend Code of a SPA Application.

Laravel and Vue build outstanding single page applications, caches any local storage, sends only one request by storing all the data, and can also work nicely in offline mode. Vue pairs up with Laravel very nicely. Developers build and use Vue Components the same way they use standard HTML Tags within the Blade File.

2. Secure

Laravel is a PHP framework which is very secure. It makes your Application highly secure from malicious attacks. With Eloquent ORM, Laravel prevents SQL injections. It’s Cross-Site Request Forgery Tokens defends the application from any malicious craft implementation by third parties.

3. Event-Driven Apps in Laravel & Vue

Vue makes the best event-driven apps, where it manages all the events on the frontend. As per the wish of the Developer, its Composable Components are used. Vue makes a fantastic duo with Laravel Framework with the Composable Components. Of all other PHP Frameworks, Laravel is the Best. Also, it’s the most popular one. When using Vue with Laravel, simply do a few steps to request data from the Laravel app. Also, changing the UI just by swapping components is so fast. The Entire Page is not reloaded, which enhances the application’s user experience.

4. Serverless Deployment

Laravel Vapor is Laravel’s Serverless Deployment Platform which is operated by AWS. Serverless Deployment allows modern applications to be designed and run without thinking about server costs. Serverless reduces to you the cost of ownership. You can create, manage, scale, and restore your Vapor Dashboard DB (both traditional and serverless) with Vapor. As hundreds of jobs run here simultaneously without any setup, it is super-fast. With the built-in JS utility from Vapor, developers can stream file uploads directly to S3 with ease. Vapor warns when the output of your application is going down as it tracks the range of metrics. The load time is super quick as it instantly uploads and serves your properties to either the S3 or CloudFront CDN. Using Vapor’s UI or CLI, you can handle your application ‘s entire DNS records. It also has numerous environments, quick rollbacks, endless deployments and it is friendly to the pipeline.

5. Easy Database Migration in Laravel and Vue

With Database Migration, you can easily handle issues relating to team coordination with DB. You can add or drop fields in your DB with Laravel Migration and there’s no need to remove the current record. With the Laravel Migration, you can easily prepare new ideas and amend new items to the DB structure. You can easily build DB Tables by using this without even going to DB Managers, such as PHPMyAdmin, SQL lite, etc. It ensures that, without recreating it, DB is properly generated and maintained. Laravel Migration saves a great deal of time on designing the Program. Therefore, the best choice is always the Laravel Vue-based Web application.


You will enjoy the features of Reactive Event-Driven Applications, Highly Secure Application, Serverless Deployment, Database Migration and many more in a Laravel and Vue based Web Application. As a top rated Vue and Laravel development company we will help you the best way. Contact us for your next project