Which Case Management Software Is Best For Non-profit Organizations?

Case Management Software For Non-profit Organizations

Is your NGO searching for an application to maintain track of the members, stakeholders, or program’s actions? As a non-profit organization, you certainly need a simple way to show that you are making an effect on your clients’ lives. Every commitment, plan, number, and hour should have a way to calculate and display how it’s calculated.

Why does a Non-Profit Organisation need case management software?

Well, there are many explanations that a case management platform is required for the Non-Profit Organization. Firstly, a Non-Profit Corporation needs case management software to substitute a manual program that is getting difficult to implement or current software that no longer suits the organization’s requirements and to streamline the activities further.

Secondly, a case management program will predict development or other progress in the coming years that may have a beneficial effect on the non-profit agency. A modern and updated case management platform will implement significant organizational improvements and help the existing organization procedure run even better.

important features of Non-Profit Case Management Software

What are the most important features that an ideal Non-Profit Case Management Software should have?

Your ideal Non-Profit Case Management Software should have the following qualities:

  1. Desired features like-Scope and configuration of storage data files (depending on the number of clients and number of programs and complexity).
  2. Contact Diary & other Contact tools (such as manual and automatic email)
  3. Case or client service process and off-the-shelf, personalized monitoring (depending on the number of indicators to be monitored or certain facets of the event).
  4. Accessibility (for example cloud-based vs. desktop)
  5. Security & commitment to data security and privacy laws (including accordance with HIPAA)
  6. Facility or pace of use & functionality plus Program data consistency
  7. Duration and cost of professional or technical support and training
  8. Backup and recovery coupled with technological setup (including the number of users and need for limitations on simultaneous access or service)
  9. Conversion or portability facility (including some transitional duration of downtime when moving data into the new system)
  10. Integration of certain systems or applications (i.e., potential to fulfill existing and future needs)

Now with all these must-have features, you know what you should be looking for. There are many Non-Profit case management software out there in the market, and you need to choose the best out of the best Non Profit case management software.

Here are some of the key market players:


PlanStreet‘s Non-Profit Case Management System provides employees with a time monitoring tool that also serves as a sophisticated executive warning system if any problems occur. It promotes prompt communication to discuss and solve such issues. Group members can track and perform tasks by a common board of Kanban, utilizing the work management system for all initiatives allocated to them.

The board features four forms of group drag-and-drop progress buttons, including –Ongoing progress, the Goal, Tasks Completed, and ticked or checked tabs – where project managers will have access to all the current alerts.


OpenPetra is a voluntary free and open source project operating under GPL. It lets non-profit organizations provide the right programs and better handle their daily tasks. It lowers the preparation expenses with its ease of use structure. This case management software has a support network for multi-user, multi-currency, multi-site, and multi-lingual. Currently used in more than 80 countries around the world, this Non Profit case management software has an easy to use UI.


ERPNext NGO is a non-profit open-source software that comes with a free trial of their services. This case management software lets charitable organizations operate their activities seamlessly by monitoring memberships, sponsors, grant applicants, and donors. The app has the functionality to connect with common resources like Twitter, Woocommerce, Dropbox, and many more. It will ease the burden of membership with its “Set Up For Membership Types” feature.


Bitrix24 is a free, open-source, non-profit case management software with options to manage the donations, volunteers, and members of your charitable organization. It also comes with a preview of the cloud. Bitrix24 will be used free of charge for all usage, but if you require an update to the room, you will have to pay $199 a month. Bitrix24 comes with comprehensive features such as donor engagement, messaging, collaborative control, partnerships & document management.


OpenNGO is a charitable open-source program that deals with the administration of non-profit organizations’ sector operations and programs. It is a program built on the internet. With the availability of network connectivity, OpenNGO can be reached anytime and anywhere, but bearing in mind field conditions, and it also has an offline feature. It is accessible in languages such as French, English, and Spanish. It comprises of four elements of majors: procurement modules, mission modules, finance modules, fleet management modules.


Wild Apricot is a charitable management program that helps non-profit organizations with seamless control of their organizations. It is a user-friendly, easy-to-use program that doesn’t need additional assistance. Yet also, customer service is required during the working hours from Monday through Friday in case of organizational difficulties. This non-profit tech platform helps users automate a significant portion of admin activities, and cloud storage easily stores data.


Giveeffect is a non-profit program that ensures you can handle your non-profit organization in a fundamentally positive way. It has fundraiser resources and apps, electronic contributions, member partnership management, supporter management, volunteer and staff management, and offline gift monitoring. The app also has apps for creating your website with HTML / CSS editing and pre-built models.


Keela is a reliable, non-profit tech solution that lets you get rid of outdated frameworks, paper-based solutions, spreadsheets, and burdensome manual activities. It centralizes the info on a common screen, which allows you a birds-eye view of the whole enterprise. It helps you communicate better with your donors and build healthy relationships. It will help you streamline your plans to manage funds for your organization.


Houdini is a non-profit free and open access program that lets non-profit organizations grow and sustain themselves. It is available under license from AGPL and LGPL. Users will build and install custom donation templates using Houdini. It supports extensive crowdfunding projects. It is based on the software base of Ruby Rails and has an involved, pleasant, and helpful group to support users. It has a 256-bit SSL encryption for all transactions that are done via this platform.


Admidio is a simple open-source management platform on SourceForge that focuses on general management, which can be extended to the control of membership which events. While simple on the surface, Admidio ‘s capabilities vary from building and maintaining membership lists to embedding web content and ads.

The Wrap-up

Through utilizing the best hosting network, Microsoft Azure cloud, PlanStreet offers an unparalleled degree of performance, reliability, and scalability. The case management program is detailed enough to provide the specifications for adequate protection and enforcement with HIPAA. Plan Street’s case-management Software for Non-profit organizations automates manual methods and procedures.

Remember always to do your research and narrow down your decision to the top two or three solutions. Compare the capabilities, check the scorecards and ratings, consider the budget you are willing to make, and only decide which your final Non-Profit Case Management Software should be.