When Should You Create A Landing Page Yourself

Landing page design

Today a post on when it is worth making the landing page yourself, and when it is worth contacting the professionals.

As practice shows, the first reason that pushes people to try to create a landing page on their own is a small budget or no budget at all.

In second place are people with an inquisitive mindset who just want to try everything for themselves.

Well, the third category is people who have the necessary budget, but believe that this is an extra waste of money and it is quite possible to save money on the landing page.

I am not going to convince you in this article that it is difficult to make a landing page yourself and that you must definitely trust specially trained people. Well, like, if you take the risk, you will make a bunch of mistakes and so on. No.

In fact, in some cases, it is better to do the landing page yourself and not spend extra money on it. But let’s first talk about the advantages and disadvantages of a homemade landing page.


The advantage of such a landing page is definitely the cost. And in this case, the quality will depend solely on your knowledge, abilities and aesthetic taste.

I couldn’t remember more advantages of a homemade landing page. If you know, write in the comments.


I would attribute time to disadvantages. After all, if you do something for the first time, then in any case you will spend more time on it than a professional.

Here you can also include errors, which most likely will not do without. The landing page should not only be beautiful but also technically correct.

For example, SEO optimization should be done, even if the traffic is supposed to be exclusively paid. And if a niche with low competition and a landing page is designed for a small region or any company that provides the best video animation services, then there is a chance to promote it in the search results. Free targeted traffic will not be superfluous.

In addition to knowledge about the technology for creating a one-page page, you need to understand how it should look. And I’m not talking about aesthetic beauty. It’s about efficiency. When creating a landing page, you need to understand where and what should be located on it. First of all, the landing page should sell, which means the selling text and the order of the blocks (screens) are important.

As for the design, competent designers even choose the color scheme for the landing page based on the target audience.

Ways to create a landing page

There are many ways to create a landing page. The easiest way is to use any online builder, such as Tilda or WIX.

You can take a more serious route and create a landing page on an engine like WordPress using a template. Read more about template design here ⇒

Or you can go even further … And make up the landing page entirely in html.

How we make landing pages

We create a prototype to immediately determine where and which blocks and buttons will be located. Then the landing page design is created. The color scheme, fonts and images are selected, UI elements are drawn.

Next, the finished design is “pulled” onto the WordPress engine. And in the future, the customer can independently change the image, title or color of the button. This can be useful for split testing.

When is it worth making a landing page yourself?

Well, as a conclusion, I will outline a list of reasons when you cannot contact professionals:

  • When you have no funds at all
  • When you are a beginner info business, small offline business owner, etc.
  • When you just need to test a niche (although this is a controversial point).

When you want to learn how to create websites and landing pages so that you can make them for yourself or others.