When Artificial Intelligence Meets the Internet of Things


In this era of advanced technology, when all you experience is the development of new technologies, the internet of things has gained immense popularity among the masses.

Since the internet of things have been evolving rapidly over time introducing numerous technological devices that it has awestruck people of different age groups belonging to different cities and countries around the world.

What is the internet of things (IoT)?

These are internet-connected devices and not just computing devices but various electronic or physical devices that are provided or connected via internet connection.

In a simpler word, the internet of things includes all the devices that possess on and off switch buttons with them.

These are not just a part of the workplace environment, in fact, due to its rapid progress, advancement and its convenient nature, the demand of these electronic devices has seemingly increased around the globe in households, educational institutes, and in other sectors and areas of life.

History of the Internet of Things (IoT):

The concept of the Internet of Things wasn’t officially recognized until the year 1999. But by the year 2013, it was evolved into numerous technologies ranging to the provision of wireless internet connection and since then it has been on the journey of progression and has introduced numerous enormous opportunities.

But do you know what stands behind the progression of the Internet of Things, IoT?

Yes, got it right. That’s Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence has played a massive role in bringing out the best from IoT.

Artificial Intelligence let these devices to learn, experience and analyze the information they collect and to present the input accordingly.

So, what happens when Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things meet or come together?

Artificial Intelligence plays an enormous role in the Internet of Things. In a nutshell, it helps in unlocking the potential of the Internet of things (IoT).

The patterns on which IoT devices operate, AI helps in identifying those patterns behind the data not only that but in fact, it helps in detecting anomaly behind those patterns on which these devices operate and generate information regarding, temperature, time etc.

The combination of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things has already been widely spread around the globe. It includes alarm devices, doorbells, camera locks, and so on.

Let’s discuss the massive achievements produced by this amazing combination of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things.

Impressive Risk Management Strategies:

AI is behind the impressive risk management strategies that IoT devices projects.
Applications that link IoT with AI help manage various risks. Like cybersecurity issues, or any other financial losses related to it. It produces a rapid automated response to combat any risk and threat.

To discuss this on a larger scale: Through the perfect combo of AI and IoT, one can even reduce risk related to the safety of an individual. Like providing the services of CCTV cameras or detecting ATM frauds.

Hence, this combo can play an important role in flattening the curve of crime rates.

Enhances Business Activities:

As one knows the use of IoT devices has increased immensely in business purposes. So the data collected from these numerous devices are present in the large proportion which makes it quite daunting for these businesses to extract information from these data. Hence, to counter these difficulties AI-based algorithms help in structuring these data and organizing it which makes it feasible for businesses to go through them and make decisions based on the valuable and authentic data they are presented with. 

Improvised Customer Experiences:

Previously we shed light on how IoT devices with the help of AI can help in the reduction of the crime rates through the induction of surveillance cameras.

Interestingly, essay writing service UK brought forth a case of a company that experienced a decline in its sale of the products. To combat this graving issue that hindered their company’s growth that same company used an effective strategy of recording and noticing their customer’s interests through the information produced by CCTV footage, away usually referred to as an indirect feedback mechanism.

Hence, when done so this gathered information is utilized for improvising their services according to the needs of their customers.

Accurate Result Formation:

The accuracy of results produced with the collective assistance of Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things can neither be challenged and nor be doubted. Such is its accuracy!

After collecting the data from the IoT devices the Artificial Intelligence fed in the devices detects and gathers the information and makes a smart decision accordingly.

Artificial Intelligence the Future of the Internet of Things:

Internet of Things has already conquered the world with the assistance of Artificial Intelligence. As discussed above, this isn’t just improvising and enhancing the business strategies but has also greatly impacted the global economy by providing its enormous services in every sector.