What Made HP the No. 1 Laptop Manufacturer in the World?


When we talk about laptop brands, we have to mention a few trendsetters. Among them is HP, which has been a stalwart in the laptop industry. HP has traditionally been known for its impressive research and development work, providing innovative laptops with top-of-the-line features and innovative technology. 

The brand has become synonymous with reliability, while the laptops manufactured by the brand are robust and durable. HP sells 15.6 million units on average every year, and has cemented itself on the upper echelons of the brand ladder.

So what makes HP such a reliable and top-performing brand? There are numerous reasons; from the brand’s commitment to the consumers, by offering various laptop lines including affordable laptops, to the constant research and development by their R & D team, HP does not cut any corners when it comes to laptop performance. 

Some of the best laptops offered today belong to HP. For instance, the brand’s HP Spectre x360 13 is still one of the best laptops ever crafted, and the manufacturer takes great pride in offering excellent laptop models.

That said, we will take a closer look at the work the brand has done in the recent past, and why consumers prefer buying laptops from HP over other brands.


HP has always been a consumer-centric brand, and listens to its consumer base. It is important for brands to have a finger on the pulse, so that they understand what the people really want. When it comes to laptop needs, the demands of consumers keep changing, and it is important for the best laptop brands to always know what the people want, and do everything possible to cater to their requirements.

This is what HP has done over the years. The brand uses the same philosophy when it comes to its customer support service. HP, more than any other brand, offers convenience even after you purchase the laptop. Furthermore, HP offers Care Packs to customers, which provides comprehensive warranties and coverage.

Affordable laptops

When we talk about the best HP laptops that are available, we don’t only mention the high-end, premium models like Spectre x360 or HP Envy. We also talk about the HP Pavilion laptops, as the brand packs excellent features and latest technology even in the laptops catered to the average consumer.

From offering better processors and higher RAM sizes, to impressive displays that offer an immersive viewing experience, HP offers best-in-class features and specs with all of its laptops. Furthermore, the brand also caters to different consumer segments, owing to different laptop lines. 

For instance, the HP Chromebook is mainly offered to students and working professionals who would require a laptop, but might not have the finances required to purchase a mid-range device. HP’s ability to offer impressive devices even in the budget segment has made HP one of the most popular brands for the average consumer.

On the opposite end of the spectrum are the premium laptop models, such as HP Envy 17t, and these laptops exude elegance while offering the best possible user experience through a multitude of latest features and technology.


While innovation and laptops go hand-in-hand, there are very few brands that focus on research and development as much as HP. In fact, that is one of the key aspects that separate HP from every other laptop brand in the world. HP also makes no effort in hiding the fact that the brand focuses heavily on research, and collaborates with different companies in various parts of the globe to come up with innovative solutions.

This is also reflected in HP’s laptops. For instance, the HP ZBook 15v G5 mobile workstation has been crafted for data scientists and researchers that need a robust, premium laptop that can handle everything you can possibly throw at it. 

From 4K UHD display to powerful processors, 32GB RAM, and 3TB SSD storage, ZBook 15v G5 offers everything you could ever want in a laptop. Furthermore, this laptop also comes with a built-in fingerprint reader, along with a security lock slot for additional protection. You can also restore as much as 50 percent of the power by charging the laptop for just 30 minutes, while the laptop gives you a runtime of 10 hours on a single charge.

Thus, HP laptops come with all the hallmarks of a great laptop, and offer the best-in-class performance and user experience, making it one of the best laptop brands in the world.