What is the best long range best paintball guns?

What is the best long range best paintball guns.

Your paintball game-winning strategy will remain incomplete without a highly effective long-range paintball gun. You need a sniper to shoot opponents from distance with precession without exposing yourself. Besides, the best long-range paintball gun helps you save precious ammo and allow your teammates to move forward towards the goal smoothly.

Depending on game type and style, you have to choose a sniper gun of the longest range. Stability, reliability, and accuracy are the most important factors while buying a long-range paintball gun. But what is the normal range and what is long-range, at least in paintball game playing?

What is a Long Range Paintball Gun?

Whether it is CO2 or HPA run, the basic firing principle is the same. Apart from gun type and features, shooting distance depends on several factors like shooting speed and local weather conditions. The normal approved shooting speed of 280 feet per second is good enough to eliminate drag and weather effects.

What is the best long range best paintball guns

It is not just about how far balls could travel, but how effectively it could reach the target with optimum force to break on target. The average effective range of a paintball gun is 80 to 100 feet. However, you cannot compromise the safety of players while shooting. The standard velocity parameter is 280 feet per second, to reach a maximum range of 100 feet.

So, you have to focus more on the absolute range to have balance accuracy and safety. If condition permits and the gun is well-calibrated, paintballs can hit the target at 150 yards with perfection.

Best Long Range Paintball Gun

Your search for the best long-range paintball gun shows that you are a good paintball strategist. However, choosing the right long-range best paintball guns

is a bit challenging as the market offers you countless variations. Just to make it simple, here is the best long-range paintball gun for you, selected following extensive technical and practical analysis of user reviews.

Tippmann A-5 Sniper Paintball Gun with Red Dot

A-5 Sniper comes with the trust of the best paintball marker manufacturer– Tippmann. The long-range version of the classic A-5 is considered as the gold standard of sniper guns.

When it comes to design, Tippmann brings to you the most ergonomically designed weapon to shoot with perfection from long distance. If your gameplay needs speed, then the standard 200-round hopper of A-5 gives you that to fire with speed. The removal 16-inch ported barrel gives you the much-needed accuracy. Holes along with the barrel help in releasing gases on firing and cuts noise significantly, keeping you undetected on the battlefield. The adjustable stock gives you better control over the long-range paintball gun. A-5 is an all-aluminum die-cast, so you won’t have to worry about wear and tear. The shock-absorbing end cap reduces the wear and recoil.

Besides design and advanced features, this lethal sniper from Tippmann has the red dot to give you the much-needed edge even in low light conditions. You can mark your target and shoot accordingly with accuracy. The red dot is removable, so if you wish to use a scope during play you can replace it easily. The semi-automatic sniper fires as fast as you pull the trigger.

Depending on your preference, Tippmann A-5 works with HPA, Nitrogen, or CO2. If your gameplay needs speedy firing, then you can add etrigger to be a firing beast. Of course, you can upgrade this sniper to fully-automatic and be super effective in any type of paintball gameplay.

Pros of Tippmann A-5 Sniper

  • Advance customization makes it suitable for all type of paintball player and game
  • Feed rate of 17 balls per second
  • Ergonomic design for comfort and use
  • Stripping and reassembly in just 60 seconds without tools
  • Cyclone Feed System
  • Above-average effective range of over 200 feet


  • Some players find 5.5 pounds weight a little heavier
  • Stock hopper impedes line of sight

If you want to look beyond Tippmann A-5, then the other good performing snipers in the market are semi-automatic 6 lbs Wrek Project Salvo, budget-friendly semi-automatic 5.5 lbs Tippmann US Army, lightweight Mag fed Tippmann TMC, and most powerful semi-automatic First Strike T15. Choose your long-range paintball gun as per your playing style and type and use it smartly to be a lethal combatant.

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