Types Of Shop Signage That You Can Use For Promoting Your Brand


Be it a retail shop or a restaurant around the corner, that one thing which acts as an identification factor is the signage placed outside the shop. When you are walking around in a mall and cannot find the washroom, you look around for some arrow signage signs to find the desired place.

So, from these information pieces, you now at least know that the shop signage signs are basically the means of declaring the business for the customers. Since you own a business, you must know everything about the signage symbols, starting with their importance to the ways of designing the most outspoken and intriguing signage. The right signage is attractive, and it induces more buyers to try out your products.

But, today, we will leave everything aside and focus on the types of signage that are used by various shops, be it a retail clothing store or a roadside café. The right signage should have the clarity of fonts and color so that it remains clearly visible to the lookers.

External Signage

The most prominent shop signage that you will see in most of the business centers is the external signage. These are made bold, bigger, and loud spoken to ensure that the brand name or the business is visible to the eyes of the audience.

  • Color of the signage should be darker and bold. For sophistication, use a single color to attract the gaze of the onlookers.
  • The right visual graphics along with light, all should be protected with coverings that will not destroy them due to sunlight or rain.
  • The main brand name signage should be larger in size, and always leave enough gaps between the letters to make them visible properly.
  • The types of shop signage that you choose must have a sleek design and the right color combination that makes it stand out from the rest.
  • If you are using a business logo, do ensure that every feature of the symbol is clear on the signage.

Internal Signage

There are some businesses who have installed the signage on the interior structures of the shop. This can be especially seen in retails shops and malls. Since you can use the entire indoor space for popularizing your brand name and business logo, there are several classifications of the internal shop signage signs. Some of them are described below:

  • ADA signs are the directional signage which are installed on walls or are hung down from the ceiling. They explain the directions of various parts of the retail shop.
  • Embedded see-through LED signs are usually used at the entrance wall of the shop. This gives a clear view of the brand to the audience.
  • Sometimes, graphical art signages are installed on the walls to describe certain areas of the retail shop or the business.
  • Carpets are used for designing the shop signage in different shops where the brand name or the logo is printed on the carpets or rugs covering the floors.