Top 10 Delta Level Mutants You Must Know


10 Tag

We all know of the game tag you know to tag you’re it and then everyone just runs away. Welcome to Brian Cruz’s life he has the ability that allows him to make people either run away or towards a specific person or object. Whenever he touches them in the comics whenever he would use his power he would often yell out tag you’re it. I know it’s a little on the nose but hey I mean the guy it seems just embrace it and you know you can’t judge it for that.

9 Bailey Hoskins

Bailey poor Bailey you see Bailey is a mutant that joined the x-men Bailey has the ability to detonate his entire body like a bomb which I mean would really come in handy in a fight against other super-powered individuals. Now you’re probably saying if he’s so powerful why is he not a higher classification well? Because he can only use his powers once just once see he found out he happened to have this ability because of the x-men. Technically he could have gone through his whole life without knowing and you would have never been able to tell you were a mutant. But he is and he just can’t use it or he’ll die so if one day he decides to use his powers they would actually be really effective knowing that he could use it at any moment. It could be terrifying to an enemy it’s just the one-off that limits him so very much.

8 Leila Miller

Leila Miller is a mutant with the power to bring back people from the dead now hold on it’s not exactly what you think. Firstly it has to be within minutes of someone dying secondly if she does bring home back they don’t have their memories or their souls. So there’s kind of like a mindless being in a way which I mean could be useful sometimes. But I feel like it would be helpful if you were more of a villain you know you can make an army of them make them go after people.

7 Cypher

Cypher is a mutant with the ability to understand all languages even ones from other planets he could automatically pick up and understand it. Even if it’s the very first time he’s ever even heard it now that is a very useful ability to have. It would really come in handy but it’s not like you know it would necessarily help him in a physical battle. And you can also kind of see that he could have gone through his whole life not even knowing it was a mutant although. He didn’t know his power did come in handy a few times in the comics.

6 Callisto

Callisto was a mutant with much-enhanced senses so her sense of smell touch taste hearing balance and sight are all enhanced. You know well beyond that of an average human and honestly, it’s a really cool kind of power to have. But at the same time, it doesn’t help a lot in a fight against you know some of the higher class meetings. But she’s also a very skilled fighter so that along with her abilities would make her formidable foe it gets most people.

5 Wallflower

Lori Collins also known as Wallflower is a mutant who gives very strong airborne based pheromones which can alter the mood of people around her originally. She couldn’t really control this ability but as time passed she learned how to control it. Although it can be difficult for her to use it if she’s not in the right state of mind.

4 Lowa

Lowa Lola is a teenager who grew up in Hawaii and has the ability to pass through any solid object but as soon as she does the object gets destroyed. So she’s kind of like Kitty Pryde in a way except she has consequences every time she does. She also has markings all over her bodies because of her powers but not to the point where if you saw her. A huge collection of movies available on MovieHustle. You would immediately think I go nope she’s a mutant she has powers. Her powers can also really come in handy but at the same time, she needs to be careful using it. The first time she did she ended up killing a shark so her powers can be lethal. But it would be hard to run as someone in the fight just running at them and they would just jump out of the way.

3 Forge

Now Forge is a really interesting one his mutant power is being able to invent and build mechanical devices. Now on the surface, it would seem like that’s just a skill that he picked up but no it’s his power. See it’s not like someone being able to sculpt and build something with. You know relative ease forge has mentioned that he can see mechanical energy so he’s evil just go up to build design conceive operate technology and weapons that you know what. Otherwise takes two years and years of research to accomplish whereas Forge can do that in a matter of minutes.

2 Domino

Domino has the power of being very lucky now she is aware of it but you can see how someone might not have been. Some people would just assume that they just were you know really lucky like getting a job. You didn’t have the right qualifications passing a test without studying winning the lottery etc. Like all that stuff but since Domino was aware of it she uses it to her advantage. Now it’s not like bad things can’t happen to her but depending on the scenario. It can usually go her way and since she’s aware of it she’s gotten a lot better at controlling that ability.

1 Eye Scream

I had no idea this guy even existed before today Eye Scream is a mutant that’s the ability to turn into any type of Eye Scream and no I’m not joking. He debuted in 1983 and has never been seen again I’m so sorry guys but come on he just he has to be number one. I mean the guy’s power is being able to turn into any Eye Scream flavor imaginable like how ridiculously weird and amazing is that. In his first and only appearance, Eye Scream witnesses the x-men in action while watching them on TV. He became jealous of them because he thought their powers were a lot cooler and then they made his look stupid. So he decided to they needed to be eliminated so he breaks into the x-mansion hoping no one would notice a random pile of Eye Scream lurking around the house. Now the day he broke in happened to be Kitty Pryde birthday Xavier hired a clown for the occasion and when Eye Scream saw the clown interacting with the x-men in Deja room. He decided that he wanted to eliminate him as well but you know it didn’t work out they trapped him in the Danger Room and lowered the temperature. So that he turned into a frozen block of ice cream then they decorated him like a sundae like no joke they actually did that. You know and then he was never seen again. I honestly I’m I really want to know what happened to him.